3 Tips To Build Muscles Without Weights And Exercise Equipment

plank exerciseThere is no doubt that building muscles using weights and exercise equipment is effective, however there are certainly other ways to achieve the same. For people who do not have the time to go to a gymnasium or purchase expensive exercise equipment there are certainly other methods they can use to build muscles and get the dream body they always wanted.

The purpose of this article is to give you details of some important methods that you can use to bulk up and get fast results.

Nutrients And Diet – Many trainers and fitness experts are eager to teach people new exercise routines without providing critical information about importance of nutrients and diet. If your body does not get the right nutrients then all your efforts in the form of workouts will not produce any results. This is one of the main reasons many people struggle to build muscles even after putting in a lot of time and effort.

The muscle building process requires that your body gets sufficient amount of proteins. Men need to get about 55g of protein each day while for women it is 45g. These figures are based on data that is available on several authority forums and websites on the internet.

Therefore it is recommended that you pay close attention to these details and ensure that you consume sufficient amount of proteins each day. Meat, dairy products, soya bean, pulses are all items that are rich in protein content. Alternately you can go for protein supplements also.

Core Muscle Exercise – If you want to bulk up fast then you will have to exercise your core muscles at least five times a week.

You can start doing plank exercises in order to build your arm and chest muscles. To do plank exercises you can use a yoga mat and spread it on the floor. Now lie down on the floor with your stomach facing the floor. Now raise your body above the floor for 15 seconds by resting on your toes and forearms. Repeat this process 3-4 times before you take rest. You can also increase the duration for which you raise your body from 15 seconds to 30 seconds and more gradually.

Another simple way to exercise your core muscles is to use an exercise ball for doing extensions and crunches.

For doing the extension exercise you need to lie with the stomach on the ball and then slowly lifting the body by making use of back muscles. Doing this exercise 15 times every day should be beneficial.

For doing the crunch exercise you need to place your lower back on the exercise ball with your knees bent on the floor. Now you should lift your back off the ball by a few inches. By doing the crunches 15-20 times per exercise session you can strengthen and build your back muscles.

Pushups – Another great exercise that is accepted to be highly effective is pushups. However your body is intelligent enough and it will adjust itself to the stress produced by ordinary pushups thus making them ineffective for building muscles.pushups

However there are innovative ways to increase the effectiveness of pushups. One such method is adding a backpack with weights to your back. The amount of weight that you need to add to the backpack will depend on the needs and the amount you want to exert.

Most people fail to build muscles because they are using ineffective methods and not because of lack of effort or exertion. By using the above exercises with little modifications and innovation you can definitely build muscles.

You need to be ready to do a little bit of experimentation to challenge the status quo and find out what really works. Simply bending your back without putting some thought into the process will not produce the results.

Sometimes you may run out of ideas but this does not mean you cannot do anything. You can always consult a fitness or muscle building expert or a friend who has achieved good results to get a different perspective.

For those who are serious about building muscles there are ways to do so without expensive exercise equipment and gymnasium subscription.

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