Acne No More Review – Truth About Mike Walden’s Program

acne no more pdfHaving acne on the face and other parts of the body can be quite frustrating particularly when everyone wants to have clean and beautiful skin. Acne scars can trouble you physically, emotionally and also socially. In case you are tired of trying various techniques to eliminate acne without any good results, then perhaps it is time to have a look at some holistic methods for getting rid of acne.

Mike Walden’s Acne No More Program is a quality e-book that gives hope to any acne sufferer who wants to permanently get rid of acne. In this review we are going to provide you all the details about Acne No More Program so that you can decide if this program is worth trying out or not.

The Program is a clinically proven, holistic acne treatment regimen developed by Mike Walden. Mike Walden is actually a certified nutritionist. The treatment concentrates on combating the skin condition from its origins by tackling the hormonal imbalances within the body. This strategy gives it an edge over other treatments which only try to rid of the symptoms that include – bad bacteria, clogged pores and inflammation.

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Exactly What Does The eBook Acne No More Offer?

  • Mike’s e-Book offers step by step guidance about the process to obtain relief from Acne for good.
  • The initial part of the book deals with the basics and few points concerning the causes of Acne.
  • Though there is not much information about the causes or reasons for development of Acne, the procedure to get rid of it is detailed out laboriously.
  • Mike has put all the effort in his book to make certain that the entire process of getting rid of acne is completed in a step by step disciplined manner.
  • He has detailed simple, easy and effective ways to wash and de-clog your skin and also offers good advice about detox of the body.
  • This guide gives you details of nutrition, exercise, sleep and environmental factors too in the later chapters.
  • Then there’s a chapter on skincare and external methods to keep the skin looking nice and good.

What Do You Get Whenever You Buy This Information Product?

  • You get a 243-page e-book that contains comprehensive information.
  • Then there’s Free One-on-One Counseling with Mike through Email.
  • Along with the main eBook there are three bonus e-books: The Complete Handbook of Nature’s Cures, How and When to Be Your Own Doctor, and The Healing Power Of Water.
  • For people who don’t have the time to read the 243 page book this program offers a 24 page Guideline Program Guide. This gives you the details of what to do and what results to expect by following the steps. This guide is extremely useful for busy people. Details about this guide are not mentioned anywhere on the official website, but offered as a surprise bonus.

Pros Of The Program:

  • Excellent systematic approach to Acne and its treatment.
  • This eBook has not left out even one single aspect of Acne treatment.
  • The good thing about acne no more guide is the sincere attempt to educate the reader about treating acne and learning to keep them from coming back again.
  • Includes all natural and holistic approaches to treating acne.
  • Mentions excellent solutions to not only treat but additionally to prevent anymore acne formation for life.
  • Provides wonderful methods for skincare
  • Educates the reader in regards to the relation between diet, exercise, sleep along with other factors to Acne.


  • The one and only sole negative point that I can think is the fact that you’ll have to put in some effort to make this system work.
  • Some people may find 243 pages of info to be a bit overwhelming. But the benefits far outweigh the effort in reading.

Acne No More Review Conclusions

Mike Walden has developed this comprehensive guide that is called as the bible of Acne by a lot of people. The focus of the guide is on holistic treatment rather than a quick fix.

This system might work for you personally, but frankly you have to test it out for yourself. Everyone’s chemistry differs, so for some people this program may work and for some others it may not.

Something that I must stress is that you simply require a serious commitment for this system, and likewise you require adhering to Mike’s system completely. If not, then this program may not be for you.

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