Can Alkaline Foods Make You Fit And Healthy?

the ph balance dietWe know that some people are able to to stay fit and healthy without doing more exercises than everybody else. Have you ever thought as to what their secret is?

If you’ve been to high school and studied biology then you know well that our body needs certain foods to function properly. There needs to be a balance of elements inside the body and when this is disturbed by eating the wrong foods then things can get bad.

Several research studies have indicated that the human body’s natural state is somewhat alkaline. And the body works well when this state is maintained. This means having a slightly alkaline pH levels inside the body. It seems a healthy diet should have 60-80% alkaline foods and 20-40% acidic foods.

If you eat the wrong foods the pH balance inside the body gets affected and this in turn makes the body highly acidic.

Although acidic environment inside the body does not cause immediate problems, however having an acidic state for long periods of time makes the body toxic and may even shorten the lifespan.

Many of the prevalent diseases like high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and more are caused by high acidic state inside the body.

Everything boils down to what we eat and the way we eat. Our food habits have changed regularly. In the good old days we consumed food that came from natural resources. This was primarily by way of foraging and hunting.

With time people changed and the food also changed. People got better food because they could grow and cook their own food. This in turn resulted in foods being added to our diet. Things like dairy products, refined grains, refined sugar, processed food and variety of meats got added.

According to reports from research studies, dairy and meat products tend to increase the acidity of the blood. Eating too much of acid promoting foods can potentially lead to liver and kidney damage and can increase the chances of developing diabetes.

Along with the foods, toxins and chemicals also entered our foods in the form of preservatives and additives. These toxins and chemicals disturb the composition of food and cause horrible ailments and diseases.

In fact the process of heating the food itself destroys many of the nutrients in it. This is why there is so much talk about raw foods these days. It seems raw fruits and vegetables are the best foods for the human body as they assist in keeping the body in the natural alkaline state.

According to nutrition expert Emma Deangela, the best way to maintain good health is to find the proper foods that help in maintaining the correct acid-alkaline balance in the body. This actually means staying away from acid foods.

Emma has provided all the details about maintaining the acid-alkaline balance in the body in her information guide called the ‘The Alkaline Diet’. It seems the guidelines provided in this guide are based on eating habits of people who lived beyond hundred years by eating a perfectly balanced diet.

According to many health experts, alkaline foods are the key to transforming the human body and life.

Once you commit yourself to eating a diet that has alkaline foods you will start to feel healthy and energetic like never before. Doing this is not difficult because it is just a matter of making some changes to your diet.

Alkaline foods will help in purifying the body by getting rid of all the toxins and chemicals that got accumulated inside due to all the bad food habits of the past.

The acidic environment inside the body actually helps the viruses and bad bacteria to thrive and multiply rapidly. And this is what causes all sorts of health problems like indigestion, yeast infection, virus infection, and heartburn and so on.

common foods pH scale

Once you start eating alkaline foods the changes inside your body will start to happen. Reversal of the acidic environment will flush out the disease-causing agents from your body. And once the toxins are thrown out and the body starts functioning optimally, you will also see the fat melting away slowly.

As you maintain the alkaline environment inside the body things will only improve. You will lose fat consistently and in no time you will have a lean and properly shaped body.

Your immune system will get a boost and the body’s disease fighting capability will get a boost. Organs producing excess of sugar and bad cholesterol will fall back to normal levels. And this would result in disappearing of blood sugar and cholesterol related health issues.

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