Can Exercise Help Hypertension Sufferers?

hypertension measurementIt looks like many Americans actually live with raised blood pressure or hypertension. With age the problem of hypertension gets worse.

Nearly 50% of all older Americans have hypertension. This health problem makes people five times more susceptible to brain strokes, three times more prone to have a heart attack, and two-three times more prone to experience a heart failure.

The issue with this particular disease is that nearly one third of the people who suffer from hypertension have no idea about it. This is because they never feel any direct pain. However with time, the force of blood pressure damages the arteries from inside.

As per professional experts, hypertension isn’t an unmanageable problem. Reducing salt consumption, adopting a safe diet, slimming down and regular workouts can all assist in preventing hypertension.

Definitely, quitting bad habits and eating a diet that has low fat content can help, but the most crucial part that can make a difference is exercise. Not only does exercise strengthen and improve leg muscles, it is also helpful in strengthening the heart muscles.

Heart and Exercise

Exercise stimulates the development of new connections between the damaged and the perfectly normal arteries. Therefore individuals who exercise will have an improved blood supply to all of the tissues in the heart.

A coronary heart attack is really a condition wherein the myocardium or the heart muscle does not get proper oxygen supply and other essential nutrients and therefore it begins to die. This is why exercise becomes an important aspect.

After doing detailed study for many years, several researchers have observed that exercise can stimulate the development of the lifesaving muscles inside the heart.

One study further showed that moderate exercise done four to five times a week works more effectively in enhancing these auxiliary pathways as compared to doing extremely vigorous exercise two times every week.

Such information from the studies has led some individuals to think that exercise can solve all the heart disorders and provide 100% protection from hypertension or death. However this is not totally correct. Even long distance runners who suffer from hypertension cannot rule out heart attacks just because they are regular runners.

What Is The Real Cause For Hypertension?

Many a times abnormalities of the kidney can cause high blood pressure. There was an independent study by some experts, wherein the researchers identified more prevalent contributing factors such as obesity, heredity, and insufficient physical activity as factors responsible for high BP.

Therefore the real question is – what can you do to lower BP and avoid the chance of developing hypertension?

The answer is not simple, but most of the times your doctor is going to recommend exercise.

If you feel that’s what the doctor is going to say, then, make an effort to go through the list of steps given below. Find out some simple ways to incorporate these steps into your life style. These steps can surely help you to reduce the risk of developing hypertension.

However before you begin to follow the systematic instructions given below, it might be easier to review them and then think about acting on them.

Consult With Your Doctor

Consult with your doctor before you begin a fitness program. If you are going to make any significant changes to the amount of physical exercises, especially if those changes will make large and sudden changes to your blood circulation, consult with your doctor without fail.

Take It Easy

Start in a small way with comfortable exertion levels and then progress gradually. This program was created in two stages to permit for a progressive upsurge in activity.

Stay Within Your Limits

Find out your safety limit for exertion. You can make use of clues such as for example sleep problem or extreme tiredness after a workout as indicators that you are stretching beyond limits. Once identified, stay within your capacity. Too much of heavy exercising is both dangerous and unnecessary.

Do Exercise Consistently

You should work out at the least three times weekly and no more than five times weekly to reap the benefits. Once you attain peak condition, exercising once a week is enough to maintain the muscles in fit condition. But keep in mind that cardiovascular fitness requires you to exercise more frequently than once a week.exercise for hypertension

Exercise Only Based On Your Capacity

To get the maximum benefits of exercising you should only exercise at 40% to 60% of your peak capacity.

Surely, weight reduction through exercise is a superb starting point for preventing the chances of developing hypertension.

According to experts having excess ponds is associated with an increased threat of developing hypertension, and slimming down decreases the chance.

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