Eat Stop Eat Review – Does Brad Pilon’s Method Work?

eat stop eat guideIf you are looking for a simple way to lose weight then it may be a good idea to take a look at this program called eat stop eat.

This is actually an information guide that provides details about intermittent fasting. This technique of weight reduction has created a lot of buzz in the fitness world and it is probably because it is one of the most effective methods for slimming down.

The popularity of the Paleo diet has immensely helped in the growth of intermittent fasting popularity. When the two methods are combined, the weight reduction is staggering. The intermittent fasting method itself is exclusive as you are consuming exactly the same quantity of calories as you’ll on a standard day however the time frame you’ll eat it in differs.


What Exactly Is Eat Stop Eat Program?

This is a simple PDF guide that provides a unique way to lose weight. The author of this information product, Brad Pilon, has managed to provide all the details of intermittent fasting strategy in just 91 pages.

You will discover everything you need to know to master this special technique for losing weight. Several studies have indicated the effectiveness of fasting as a way to shed pounds.

It seems when you can make changes to your lifestyle and incorporate the techniques given in the eat stop eat guide, soon you will experience the benefits. You will stop adding excess weight going forward.

Pros Of This Program

  • This guide is written in a straightforward and simple manner so that a layman can follow. You certainly do not need to comprehend complex biology terms to learn how intermittent fasting is beneficial for you. You merely should do what Brad says. That’s an easy task to do. It’s also a great read
  • This program isn’t created using some vague theory. Currently there are many fitness products that have hyped up sales pages, with muscular models acting in videos and some attractive graphics. All of this is done to hook the innocent consumer in. The product itself may be some cooked up theory without any scientific backing. These kinds of products seldom work.
  • Thankfully, Eat-Stop Eat, isn’t one of the hyped up products. Even the product website is simple looking. It actually gels with Brad’s laid back style. The guide also makes several references to scientific tests and this clearly indicates that this is a tested and proven product.
  • Eat Stop Eat guide provides information that is effective for both, men and women. Unlike some other diet methods which are really harsh and cavemen like, this technique of eating will even appeal to women.
  • You have a lot more flexibility and the sheer effectiveness of the technique lends a particular laxity to consume. You’ll actually have the ability to eat a muffin or cookie occasionally without adding 20 pounds to your waist.
  • You will actually learn to identify if your system is really hungry. We reside in a planet where people eat based on emotions like happiness, sorrow, boredom, anger, etc. They eat for varied reasons and rarely because they’re feeling hungry.
  • This product comes in digital format and therefore you will be able to download the product immediately after purchase on to your computer or smartphone or any other device.
  • Brad Pilon has also included a 60 day money back guarantee for this product.


  • You will need to devote some time and effort. This form of eating requires a person to make some changes to the eating habits. Your body is going to take a couple of weeks to adjust to this type of diet. However once the body gets used to intermittent fasting you will love this method.
  • This is not a diet pill or some quick method for losing weight. Therefore one should be mentally prepared to undertake this weight loss journey.

Eat Stop Eat Review Conclusions

This is a decent product by Brad Pilon and most likely the best guide on intermittent fasting on the online marketplace.

This diet allows you to eat all types of foods with the only condition that you follow the technique properly.

You will of course be eating moderate amounts only. But the good thing is that there are no restrictions on eating carbs, fats, sugar etc. Intermittent fasting method allows a lot of flexibility.

All this information is only useful if you follow the method and act on it. Just reading the manual is not going to make you shed pounds.

Only those who are committed and implement the method properly have a chance of achieving their weight loss goals.

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