Fat Loss Factor Review – Truth About Dr. Charles Livingston’s Program

fat loss factor PDFMen and women who are interested in losing weight need to know how to burn more calories so that their body will start to lose the excess pounds.

To make this happen you will have to use a natural approach so that the body functions properly. Many experts like Dr. Charles Livingston believe that fat metabolizing organ, which is the liver, needs to be cleaned first. Once this is done then you need to feed the body proper nutrients and perform some effective exercises to get phenomenal results.

It seems a highly effective step by step process that has worked for lots of men and women is available in the form of a guide from Dr. Charles Livingston. This guide is called ‘Fat Loss Factor‘.

Surely you can do activities like cleansing, eating a balanced diet and exercising on your own. However it is far better to follow a proven system that gives you step by step instructions for all these activities. And that’s exactly what the fat loss factor program by Dr. Charles Livingston claims to provide.

Since this program has already become popular and lots of men and women have given positive testimonials for this guide, we thought it worthwhile to find out more details and present it to out blog visitors.

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What Exactly Does The Fat Loss Factor Program Provide?

  • Essentially this is an information product comprising of guides and videos that give you a 4 step system that needs to be followed for 12 weeks for getting best weight loss results.
  • The first step is cleansing the liver using foods that are known to do this step effectively. You will know about the foods that can do this for you and how to use them effectively to get fast results.
  • In the second step you will know about affordable foods that help in burning fats. When you eat these foods on a regular basis you will lose weight. The guide provides you a list of grocery items that you need to buy for effective weight loss. You will also get software that can rate fast foods so that you can decide which one is fine to eat on the go.
  • In the third step you will know the details of workouts that can help you to accelerate the fat loss process. Workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced users are provided. You will also find five 15 minute workouts that are highly effective.
  • In the fourth step you will find out why most of the diets fail to produce the results and why the fat loss factor system does not fail.
  • Amongst other things you will find videos on how to cleanse the body and liver, a goal setting guide, checklist to track progress, exercise log, food diary and 12 months of email coaching where you can correspond with the product developer.

Pros Of This Program

  • This is a system that has been created by a doctor who is also a certified chiropractic physician, nutritionist and wellness expert. He has already helped thousands of men and women with this system.
  • This is a proven weight loss system that allows you to lose weight and get in shape without having to starve and give up the foods you like a lot. The kind of foods recommended in this program will make you feel energetic.
  • This system works for both men and women. Not only will a person lose weight but will also improve overall health.


  • If you have never dome some exercises in the past then you may find it difficult to get off the couch and do some exercises. If you are expecting some results from this program then you will have to bend your back and do some workouts.
  • The fat loss factor program recommends eating certain fresh foods that help in weight loss. If you are not ready to make slight changes to your diet then this program may not be for you.
  • To get the best benefit of this program you should have access to a gym. Of course there are workouts that you can do at home without any equipment however for optimum results you should have access to gym membership.

Fat Loss Factor Review Conclusions

Dr. Charles Livingston has put together a quality information guide that gives comprehensive information regarding weight loss.

Weight loss is a complex subject and several factors will determine the kind of results you get by implementing the steps given in this program. Every individual is different and therefore results will also be different.

Those who buy this product and implement the steps properly do have a chance of losing weight and getting in shape.

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