Gravity Manifestation Program By Luke Bernard Reviewed

gravity manifestation program ebookIf you have been following the law of attraction to manifest your desires, but have not really achieved the real results, then you should take a look at the gravity manifestation program by Luke Bernard and Ed Kerrington.

According to Luke Bernard, this program provides you all the steps required to harness the minds gravitational force in order to attract and obtain the things you desire in your life.

In fact Luke Bernard himself tried the law of attraction technique for a long time, but got very little success. He attended many workshops and seminars on law of attraction, but did not get the success he was looking form

It was only after he came to know about the gravity manifestation program from Ed Kerrington he was able to get all that he wanted in life.

It seems, after mastering the method given by Ed Kerrington, he was able to achieve everything he wanted in life.

Initially even we thought that this is again one of those hyped up eBooks that just repeats the law of attraction concepts. However after reading the feedback from few of the forums we came to know that this eBook does provide some useful information.

That is why we decided to take a close look at this eBook and write this gravity manifestation program review so that others can come to know more details about this program.

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Gravity Manifestation Program Details

This is an information guide that provides you the steps to unlock the secrets of the universe by just spending few minutes a day.

According to the author you will learn the exact steps to point the minds gravitation force in the right direction and pull whatever you desire towards you. To achieve this you would be making use of the appropriate visual thinking exercises.

Many people who have used this program claim that this is like a cheat sheet for life and by following the steps in this program you can easily manifest the kind of success that you would have never imagined in your life.

What Will You Learn From This Program?

The gravity manifestation program provides you detailed visual thinking exercises for four major categories. The categories are – stronger relationship, material wealth, better health and spiritual connection.

In case a person desires success in multiple areas of life, falling under different categories mentioned above, then he or she needs to do mind exercises for each of the categories in order to achieve all of the wants and desires.

According to the author Luke Bernard, most other programs only teach you the basic concepts which are about emitting energy into the universe in the form of thoughts so that the universe comes to know about what exactly your desires are.

It seems in order to make your desires come true you also need to point your minds gravitational force towards the things that you want and desire.

This unique aspect is taught in this eBook and you are provided the visual exercises that help you to point the minds gravitation force towards the things that you want to attract.

It seems these are special exercises and have no connection with meditation or yoga at all. And you don’t have to be a Zen guru to perfect these exercises.

The guide provides you details of all the 8 steps involved in manifesting your desire. The first step is to pick the category of your desire. The second step is to empty your mind about unwanted thoughts and desires. The third step is to focus your minds gravitation field towards the desire so that you can attract.

Steps 4 to 8 provide you the other critical things for achieving your desires in a realistic manner. You will get access to a list of strategies that are proven to help you to calibrate your minds gravitation field.

And the mental picturing exercises and the associated protocols make it easy for you to understand and implement the steps perfectly.

Pros Of Gravity Manifestation Program

  • This is a very simple program to follow for anyone. There is no prior experience needed for implementing the steps given in the eBook. You don’t have to be Yoga or a Zen guru to implement the steps.
  • Even busy people can easily implement the steps given in this program because all you need is few minutes each day. I’m sure even the busiest of folks can easily spend the few minutes to achieve success in life.
  • You don’t need to make use of any kind of special exercise equipment to implement the visual thinking exercises. All that you need is a small space without any disturbances to do these exercises.
  • The program and the steps are effective for manifesting anything in life. It can be money, love, relationship, peace, better job, promotion in a job and any other desire.
  • You can dream and desire both tangible and intangible things. Once you firm up on the desire it will become a real measurable energy in your minds gravitational force.
  • According to Luke Bernard, more than 14,000 people have already used the techniques taught in this program and achieved amazing positive results.
  • In order to make it easy and comfortable for people to make up their mind about this program, Luke Bernard is offering 60 days money back guarantee.


  • This is not a program that teaches you magic for manifesting your desires. You will have to read and learn the techniques and then implement them in order to get results. There is considerable amount of effort and patience that is needed to manifest your desires using this program.
  • People who have tried the law of attraction without much success are going to be skeptical about this program. However they need to follow this program with an open and positive frame of mind in order to achieve success.
  • For manifesting multiple desires one has to do multiple visual thinking exercises with some possible overlaps. Some people may find this to be a bit overwhelming.

Luke Bernard Gravity Manifestation Program Review Conclusions

Luke Bernard and Ed Kerrington have produced a good guide that provides comprehensive information about the minds gravitational force and how to use it along with the basic law of attraction in order to manifest and attract the wants and desires.

The techniques give in this guide are simple but they do require some time and effort. Everyone may not be able to comprehend and implement the steps perfectly.

Therefore not everyone is going to get great results. Some people may get 100% results and there may be others who are not all that lucky.

Those who want to manifest their desires should try out the gravity manifestation program and find out if it works for them.

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