How To Make Him Desire You Review – Truth About Alex Carter’s Program

how to make him desire you ebookIf you are looking for a dating guide for women that provides unique and effective techniques to get more attention from a man and make him obsessed with you then probably you need to take a look at how to make him desire you by Alex Carter.

This is a 174 page information guide that provides you the steps to understand men better and improve relationship with men. The information in this guide is based on experiences of Alex carter as a relationship expert and a professional pick up artist.

According to Alex, the techniques given in his guide are for women who are already in a relationship, for women who are looking to date their dream man and also for those women who want to fix a broken relationship.

How to make him desire you guide covers several important relationship factors in a methodical way. Actually the guide comprises of 13 sections that cover everything from attraction to nuances of a relationship to emotions in a relationship, communication and finally about break ups.

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Key Things Covered In How To Make Him Desire You Guide

As indicated above the guide has sections and here we are going to give a brief about each of the sections covered in this guide.

Section 1 – Emotions are everything – The first section of the book explains about how emotions make all the difference in a relationship. You will find that not only are women emotional but men also have emotions that they tend to hide.

Section 2 – Emotional attraction scale – In this section Alex Carter explains the concept of attraction and how to evaluate the level of attraction in your relationship on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest attraction level. This section further explains as to how attraction can help you to take the relationship to the next higher level.

Section 3 – The Investment Mechanism – This section explains how it is important for both sides to invest time and energy in a relationship to make it successful.

Section 4 – The Value Concept – In this section Alex explains the importance of respecting your partner and getting respect from your partner so that each one values the relationship.

Section 5 – The Formulas Revealed: Emotional Tune-up Methods – This section reveals one of the important methods that will help to increase the attraction level. You will find out how men like to chase and win over a woman.

Section 6 – How To Hit The Sweet Spot Of Desire – In this section you will learn the techniques to keep a relationship in a balanced state. Chasing a man can make you appear needy and appearing disinterested may overwhelm him. So you will learn to balance things.

Section 7 – How To Read His Mind – You will find out how to go deep inside a man’s mind and read it properly. Alex gives you the real techniques to achieve this.

Section 8 – Men Have A Small Emotion Tank – This section will help you to understand men’s emotions and how to make use of it to your advantage. You will also find out why space is important to men to empty their emotional tank.

Section 9 – How Communication Works For A Man – Women will learn the ideal way to communicate with men in order to get best results from a relationship building perspective.

Section 10 – How To Make Him Do Anything – You will find out the exact things you can say and do in order to captivate his mind and make him do whatever you want.

Section 11 – Capture His Heart By Revealing Your Imperfections – You will learn a process that will help you to capture his heart by revealing some of your imperfections.

Section 12 – What Do I Get If I Give You A Ring? – This section gives you important information about commitment and why men have commitment phobia and what to do to make him commit.

Section 13 – What To Do If He Leaves You For Someone Else – This section is about fixing a breakup and the exact process one can follow to get ex-boyfriend back.

The final section of how to make him desire you is the conclusion part where Alex encourages you to take action on the steps you learned in the previous sections.

Pros Of This Guide

  • It’s an easy to follow guide that women can use to create intense desire in a man’s mind.
  • The guide provides various methods and technique for various scenarios with in depth explanation and examples so that a woman can adequately handle different situations and scenarios in a relationship. The psychological concepts are also explained adequately.
  • This guide can be used by women of all age and in different relationship situations. Women who already have a relationship and those who are trying to fix a breakup can take advantage of the techniques.


  • The guide provides a lot of in depth information which may not be needed in many of the cases.
  • Many of the methods used in the guide are unconventional methods that make use of male psychology.

How To Make Him Desire You Review Conclusions

This guide by pick up artist Alex Carter does offer some good information for women who are looking to attract men and create an intense desire.

However many of the psychological methods need proper implementation to get proper results and not all women may be able to do that perfectly. This is why the results are going to be different for every woman.

Women who apply the methods diligently have a good chance of creating good attraction and intense desire with men.

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