Improve Eyesight With Eye Exercises And Diet

perfect 20/20 visionDid you know that eye exercises and diet can help you to improve your vision and keep it in perfect condition for a long time?

For those people who did not know about eye exercises it may be a surprise to hear about it.

But the fact is that your eye muscles need exercises in the same way you need workouts to keep your body in shape.

In fact putting strain on your eyes and staring are two of the worst things for your eyes. After working long hours at office your eyes need some rest and relaxation in order to improve vision. Putting a lot of strain on the eye muscles only causes more damage.

This is why it is good to do some exercises and eat certain foods that can help in vision improvement.

One simple exercise that you can try is the dot exercise. To perform this exercise you will need to find a period or comma on the page. Try and focus on the period until you can see it clearly. You can actually stare at the period until you are able to focus and see it clearly. In this process there is good chance that the dot will become less clear and blurred after a few seconds.

Now close your eyes and let them relax for a minute or two. Now again try to look at the dot but without trying to focus or stare. Let your eyes move around the page, over and around the period. In fact you should blink in between. Now close your eyes and try to picture the period in your mind. After getting some relaxation you should be able to see the period much better.

Another similar eye exercise is the word exercise. Find a word which has more than five letters on a page. Try and focus on the word so that it is clearly visible. You can stare at the word to get better clarity. After a few seconds you may find that the word is not clear and is actually blurred.

Now try and close your eyes and relax for two minutes. After two minutes you can move your eyes around the page to find the word. Don’t try to focus but just try look at the word. Blink. Now again try to see the word and it should be clearly visible. Viewing the word without strain after relaxing the eyes should help you to see it clearly.

The third exercise that is helpful for relaxing and improving the vision is called the double vision exercise. Many people will look at an object with one eye while the other eye may be doing something else.

You can bring both the eyes to focus on an object by squinting but this would put strain on the eyes and cause more damage.

Instead let the eyes relax and then see an object in a calm and cool way so that both the eyes focus on the object.

In terms of foods, it has been found that fruits and vegetables like carrots, spinach, cucumber, celery, bean sprouts etc. are beneficial for the eyes.

Similarly fish is good because it has omega 3 fatty acids which are considered good for brain and mental focus.

Avoid eating processed foods, deep fried items, refined sugar products etc. as they are considered to be foods that lead to acid formation inside the body.improve eyesight

Your body works well when the pH balance inside the body is slightly alkaline.

Acidic environment in the body leads to formation of crystals that cause pain in the joints and other areas. Similarly acidic environment causes harm to the eye muscles also.

Eating enough of fruits and vegetables along with moderate amounts of proteins and carbohydrates is one of the best ways to maintain an alkaline environment inside the body.

This in turn will help in maintaining optimal health. This also helps in improved health of the eyes with improvement in vision.

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