Magnetic Messaging Review – Will Bobby Rio And Rob Judge’s Method Work?

magnetic messaging pdfIn the last few years the mode of communication in the dating world has changed. Gone are the days when a guy use to call up a girl to build rapport and then date her. The new mode of communication is mobile texting.

If you know the correct ways to text a girl then you may just need few text messages to be on a date with her and much more. And if you don’t know the secrets about texting a girl then things may go horribly wrong for you.

The good thing is that you can always learn to compose text messages that will make a girl want you. And this is exactly what Bobby Rio and Rob Judge are teaching in their course called magnetic messaging.

Bobby Rio and Rob Judge are well known in the PUA community forums because of their amazing dating skills. It seems the magnetic messaging program provides you all the tips for texting a girl so that you end up meeting her or have a relationship with her or in some cases even have sex with her.

Bobby Rio breaks up this whole program into 3 easy steps to follow. It seems once you perfect the steps, you will be able to attract a girl with text messages in no time.

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What Exactly Is The Magnetic Messaging Program?

This is a 185 page information guide that not only teaches you the techniques to text a girl in order to date her, but it also goes into detail about the female psychology so that you become an expert and end up with more and better dates..

This guide essentially discusses three phases for attracting a girl.

  • The initial meeting
  • The phone game
  • The date

Actually a lot of emphasis is placed on the “phone game” because you will use a mobile phone and texting to date a girl. In fact texting is the current norm in the dating world.

The real secret method of texting that you will learn from this eBook is called the key lock sequence.

The key lock sequence involves stirring up emotions with a girl, then using the appropriate texts to make a connection and then finally seal the deal by smoothly transitioning into asking a girl out.

The PDF guide actually has six parts with each one covering one specific area of dating a girl. You will discover details of the types of texts to use, when to text a girl, what exactly to text a girl, how to get her ready and excited for the first date, how to ask her for the first date, how to have a perfect first date, how to maintain the spark in the relationship and much more.

The magnetic messaging eBook even educates you about the kind of mistakes that you need to avoid when texting a girl so that you don’t turn her off.

Pros Of This Program

  • This is an easy to follow PDF guide that anyone can read quickly and start using the texting techniques. Even if you have just started exploring dating opportunities then this guide should come handy.
  • The authors of this PDF guide have a lot of experience as pick up artists and therefore the techniques provided in the PDF guide are unique and effective.
  • You even get access to 99 proven text messages so that you can get started immediately. All that you need to do is use the text messages as is or make small modifications and use it.
  • By reading the magnetic messaging pdf guide you will come to know about female psychology, human behavior and how the female mind works. This knowledge will enable you to have more dates.
  • You will even discover the kind of strategies that you should avoid in order to keep a girl interested.
  • The guide is not just about manipulative tactics but it even provides you information about developing a relationship in case you want have a long term relationship.


  • The tips and techniques in this eBook may not work with each and every woman. Nothing works 100% perfect therefore we need to recognize this fact and make best possible use of this eBook.
  • Some of the techniques may be slightly manipulative in nature and some of the guys may not want to use these techniques.
  • Those who are not used to reading books may find it difficult to read a 185 page relationship guide. However, those who seriously want to know about the secret key lock sequence will have to spend the time reading this eBook.

Magnetic Messaging Review Conclusions

Bobby Rio and Rob Judge have produced a decent dating guide for men that provides good information about texting and the female psychology.

Getting a date with a girl using text messages is an art and some people may get great success while others may struggle to succeed. However texting skills can be honed and mastered.

Those who read Bobby Rio’s guide and implement the techniques do have a fair chance of getting dates using text messages.

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