Marni Kinrys That’s Not How Men Work Review

thats not how men work eBookMany women find it difficult to attract a boyfriend. They are unable to understand the male psychology and often fail to get going with a relationship. Still worse are those women who are already in a relationship but fail to keep the relationship intact, which ultimately ends in a breakup.

There are many online eBooks and video products that claim to teach you the tips and techniques to attract men. However many of these programs fail to deliver any results for you.

Women who are looking for some quality dating and relationship advice, from someone who is well known and proven, there is a new program called That’s Not How Men Work by Marni Kinrys.

According to Marni Kinrys, learning the techniques to attract men is not difficult if you know the correct techniques that are proven to work time and again.

Marni Kinrys is a relationship expert and dating coach who has helped thousands of men to attract and date women with her famous wing girl method. Now she has decided to help out women with her course That’s Not How Men Work.

Marni Kinrys is a well-known dating coach who has featured in TV shows and magazines like – FOX News, Glamor magazine, MTV, Penthouse, Men’s health magazine and others.

Marni Kinrys new guide is already being discussed in several women’s dating forums and that’s why we also decided to take a close look at her guide and find out if it is worth spending money.

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That’s Not How Men Work Program Details

This is an information guide that provides tips, techniques and strategies to women for attracting men, dating men, make men chase them, make men obsessed with them and make men to commit for a relationship.

As per the author of this guide, once you master and implement the techniques given in the guide, you will be able to read exactly what’s going inside a man’s mind and how to make the man putty in your hands.

It seems this guide will teach you the methods to find out what a man secretly wants from you, but never utters a world about his wants.

To make this guide and its contents even more effective, Marni Kinrys is offering additional support audios that will further sharpen the dating skills of a woman. The bonus audio products are:

  • Bonus #1:Unlock His secrets
  • Bonus #2:Confessions from a Wing Girl
  • Bonus #3:Intoxicate Him With Desire

What Are Some Of The Key Techniques And Strategies In Marni Kinrys Guide?

Marni Kinrys explains the importance of not appearing greedy. She further explains the techniques to overcome the urge to attract a man by appearing greedy. These techniques will ensure that a woman does not get the cold shoulder from a man.

There are times when a man can all of a sudden start avoiding a woman, even when the relationship was moving on well. Marni Kinrys teaches the techniques to handle this problem and how to get back a man’s attention and involvement.

There is a chapter in That’s Not How Men Work eBook that teaches women how to read a man’s mind properly. Step by step instructions along with cheat sheets will help in identifying what’s there in a man’s mind.

It always helps if you can make a man think about you only. There is a complete chapter that teaches you the secrets to make a man to beg you to be his girlfriend. Once a woman learns these techniques she will have complete control over the man.

The guide has case studies that will help you to understand the techniques to evaluate a man. Any woman will be able to use these techniques and find out if a man is really worth dating or not. These techniques will prevent a woman from wasting time with someone who is only looking for the short term fun.

The guide even provides techniques to make a guy to treat a woman like a girlfriend and not just like a friend. Once a woman is out of the friend zone, then the man will get addicted to her.

There is a special technique called ‘hot button trick’ that can be used to ease the past from a man’s mind. This can be helpful in case the same guy had rejected a woman in the past for some reason.

Then there is one more amazing technique called ‘sugar trick’ that can help in smoothening any rough edges in a relationship or a conversation or a date.

There are conversations techniques in the guide that can help in making a woman appear as the smartest and funniest woman. By using these techniques a woman can easily appear like an ‘automatic 10′ to a man.

Pros Of That’s Not How Men Work

  • This is a simple dating guide for women that provides all the information to understand men and the male psychology. By using this information a woman can make a man obsessed with her.
  • The techniques given in this guide work for varied scenarios. Women of all age groups can use the techniques. These techniques work even if a woman is average looking or even if previous dating attempts failed miserable or even if the guy rejected her in the past or even if her situation is hopeless.
  • The psychological tricks and techniques given in this guide can be used to make a man chase a woman, love her and make commitment for living together forever.
  • The PDF guide along with the audio files can be easily downloaded to a computer or a smartphone so that you can read the eBook and listen to the audios immediately.
  • This product comes with 60 day money back guarantee from Marni Kinrys. If you are not satisfied with this product for any reason then you can get 100% of your money back within the 50 day period.


  • This is not a counseling program but an information guide that you will have to read, comprehend and then use the techniques to attract and seduce a man
  • There are some advanced psychological tricks that can be used to manipulate a man’s mind. These techniques should not be used as a tool for revenge.
  • People who hate reading eBooks with find this program to be a real challenge. A video course from Marni Kinrys would have satisfied women with liking for visual course.

That’s Not How Men Work Review Conclusions

Marni Kinrys has put together a good dating guide for women that seem to cover a wide range of issues and topics that women frequently struggle with.

Just purchasing the guide does not guarantee any kind of dating or relationship success. Using the techniques in this guide effectively will determine your success.

Women, who diligently make use of the guide and the techniques present in it, do stand a good chance of attracting a man and making him commit to a relationship.

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