Mi40x Review – Does Ben Pakulski’s System Work?

Mi40x CEP BlueprintIf you are looking out for a muscle building program that uses cutting edge techniques then you need pay close attention to programs being released by Ben Pakulski. In fact he has a new program called Mi40X that uses the Cell Expansion Protocol (CEP).

It seems this protocol helps in focusing on stimulation and creation of satellite muscle cells inside the human body, in order to achieve rapid muscle development.

According to Ben, the Mi40x program uses a combination of effective workouts and nutritious diet, which also includes health supplements, for producing muscle growth and fat reduction in your body.

Ben has won many bodybuilding contests and has been achieving this feat for many years now. It seems if you really want good advice about building a muscular and vascular physique, then you should definitely listen to Ben.

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What is Mi40x System?

Ben developed this system for guys to create muscle in record time. Needless to say, building muscle can’t be achieved overnight nonetheless it doesn’t need to take ages once you understand what you’re doing. And this is what Ben teaches you in this program.

Most guys battle to gain mass and get a muscular appearance. They often think that it’s an extremely slow process. That’s because the majority of their time is wasted doing the incorrect exercises, with wrong techniques and with the improper nutrition plan.

Since there is so much conflicting information on the market, finding out the correct information itself is a task.

Knowing all the details of the issues that a lot of men face, Ben, has developed the Mi40X system to cut through the chase so that you get optimum results for the time and effort that you devote.

You need to realize that effort is necessary, however the rewards will undoubtedly be sweet and it can come fast if you follow the instructions properly.


  • Significant research was done to develop this system and it is actually based on cutting edge technique called cell expansion, which helps in muscle enlargement. What that basically means is that this technique can help you pack on slabs of muscle. And this is exactly what most of the guys really want.
  • The system includes workout guides, video demonstrations, nutrition info, detox guides, training blueprints, supplement information guides, and more.
  • This is a comprehensive program that basically gives you all of the info you should know to build muscle. All you have to do to get results is implement it by firmly taking action.
  • Since the program includes many videos to greatly help you with demonstrations, this should be helpful to those who don’t like reading.
  • Ben has included a 60 day money-back guarantee. This should help you make up your mind about this product.
  • The Mi40x is indeed a detailed program and it truly suits the common guy who struggles to create muscle despite spending hours at the fitness center.
  • It’s also for those who just don’t have time and energy to spend countless hours lifting weights. You’re taught just what is essential to accomplish muscle growth with the least amount of time and energy.
  • This program doesn’t use mind numbing cardio, stringent diets, excessive weights and other such difficult things.


  • This program is offered on the internet only. So, you will require some type of computer and a web connection.
  • This program is for those who are committed and implement the steps consistently. You need to add sweat equity. Discipline is necessary.
  • The real problem is that way too many people quit too early. This program will provide you with results in the soonest possible time, only if you put in your part.
  • This program offers a large amount of info to digest and you may take a couple of days to scan through everything.You will have to go through all the material to get a thorough knowledge of how your system works. Therefore, you will require patience to learn the techniques, watch the exercise videos, etc. However, in case you are truly interested in bodybuilding then you are going to enjoy this program.

Mi40x Review Conclusions

There are numerous bodybuilding guides online from other experts such as for example Mike Geary, Kyle Leon and Vince Del Monte and several others. However, a lot of them are not hardcore bodybuilders like Ben. Ben’s info is dependable and is known to deliver solid results.

If you follow the instructions in the guides and videos and implement the techniques in this program, then you have a good chance of developing good muscles.

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