My Bikini Belly Review – Does Shawna Kaminski’s System Work?

my bikini belly dvd setAre you a woman over 35 and struggling to lose belly fat?

You are not the only one having this problem, and it’s not your fault.

It’s not because you are not working hard or you don’t have the will power. Read on to know more.

According to Shawna Kaminski, a fitness and weight loss coach, who has worked with the top female fat loss and anti-aging experts, there are 3 key steps for women to burn belly fat and get a flat belly.

And these 3 steps can be done even by women who are over 35 years.

Shawna has outlined the 3 step formula in her My Bikini Belly program so that other women can learn these steps.

It seems Shawna spent more than 25 years working with thousands of women to find out the real reasons as to why modern day workouts don’t work well.

And she explains that for women over 35, the menopause molecules get activated and force the body to stop burning belly fat. And this is one of the main reasons regular workouts don’t work.

However, by following her 3 step secret formula, women can get amazing results in just 21 days without doing long and boring cardio exercises or eating a restrictive diet.

My Bikini Belly program is an information product that claims to provide the proven secret formula for getting flat tummy.

This program has already created a lot of buzz in the women’s health and fitness world and that’s why we decided to take a close look at this program and provide you the facts in this My Bikini Belly Review.


What Exactly Is This Program All About?

This program provides a 21 day workout plan that incorporates the following 3 key step formula for achieving the desired results:

  1. Switch off the menopause molecules (Workout #1 – Bikini Belly FLUSH)
  2. Turn on the belly shrinking hormones (Workout #2 – Bikini Belly BURN) and
  3. Turn up the metabolism (Workout #3 – Bikini Belly BLAST)

Program provides shorter and specific workouts based on bodyweight that are best suited for shedding the fat around the waist for an aging female body. This specific training is called Metabolic Activation Training.

These workouts are highly effective and can be performed in ┬╝th time as compared to standard workouts.

bikini belly women
Any woman, of any age and fitness level can use this female fat loss program to her advantage.

It seems this program will allow you to regain control of your health and waistline in a sustainable way because the workouts are not boring and produce really fast results.

Since the program makes use of the body’s natural systems, you will not experience the problem of rebound weight gain after you are off the program.

What Do You Get When You Buy My Bikini Belly Program?

This program provides you access to 3 follow along videos and few PDF eBooks that you can either view or download it to your personal computer or laptop or a Smartphone.

What Do Users Of This Program Say?

  • Women who have used the program claim that after doing the workouts, their strength increased dramatically and their endurance and stamina went through the roof.
  • Some women said that they got abdominal muscles like never before.
  • Some others even experienced clear thinking and better sleep after they followed this program.

Pros Of My Bikini Belly System

  • This program works for women of any age and fitness level and provides fast results. Program has been designed specifically for women by an experienced female fitness coach.
  • Since the program uses bodyweight ab workouts, you will not be damaging your hips, knees and back with jogging, cardio and long boring workouts.
  • No fancy exercise equipment is required for implementing this program. You will just need to spend 10-15 minutes a day to complete the workout plan.
  • Even working moms can easily take out time for this program.
  • You will not have to eat restrictive diet when following the flat belly solution given in this program.
  • You will not need membership with any gymnasium to get a slim and toned belly with the workouts given in this program.
  • Compared to some of the other weight loss / fat loss programs this is an inexpensive one and most women can afford it.
  • Program offers 60 day money back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with the results for any reason, you can get your money back.


  • While the My Bikini Belly program works for any woman but it is not for every woman. This is not a quick fix or a magical cure for getting a flat belly. Therefore women who are looking or hoping for miracles and quick fixes should avoid this program.
  • This program involves 21 days of bodyweight workouts that some people with certain health complications may not be able to follow. Such people should refer to a qualified doctor for best advice.
  • This fat loss program is designed based on hormonal and metabolic needs of women and therefore it cannot be used by men.

My Bikini Belly Review Conclusions

Shawna Kaminski has spent many years and put in a lot of effort to design a flat belly program that is specifically for women.

Since the program uses body’s natural system to burn fat and does not involve expensive equipment, most women who desire a flat tummy can benefit from it.

However since the program requires some serious effort for 21 days, only women who are serious about a great body shape should give this program a try.

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