My Bikini Butt Review – Truth About Andrea Albright’s Program

my bikini butt programIf you are a women and looking for a unique weight loss program that also focuses on beautifying the butt area, then it may be worthwhile to take a look at Andrea Albright’s My Bikini Butt program.

This program uses three distinct ideas – dieting, bodyweight resistance exercising and yoga for helping you to lose weight and get a well-shaped butt.

The real focus of this program is the lower body of a woman. As per Andrea Albright, when you do exercises for shaping your legs, thighs and the butts, other parts of the body will also shed excess weight and you will get a well-toned body.

Andrea Albright’s My Bikini Butt program is based on her own experience of losing weight after being obese for a while. With all this experience she is now a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer and a fitness author.

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What Is Unique About My Bikini Butt Program?

The most unique aspect of this program is the fact that revolves around the production of SlimZymes (AMPk) or slim enzymes. AMPk is a fat-eating enzyme in the body that Andrea is calling as SlimZymes . According to Andrea, by increasing the levels of slimzymes using healthy diet and well-designed workout plan you can get the body you want.

It seems the more SlimZymes your body produces, the faster will be your metabolism and this will make you more fit. As you become fitter, you will get the best butt, legs, belly and thighs you can think of.

To make all this happen the program gives you a 3 step process to follow. The 3 steps are about dieting, breathing exercises and workouts.

The dieting section of the guide gives you the guidelines for dieting along with best practices for healthy eating. You don’t get a fixed menu or recipes like some of the other programs. This makes this program more flexible as far as diet is concerned when compared with some of the other programs.

The second step is about breathing and stretching exercises. This is a special technique called ‘Senobi Breathing’. It seems senobi breathing helps in dealing with obesity and improves the physical and emotional health of the person. This means you will even get relief from stress. There is a video that explains the routine in detail so that you can learn this breathing method properly.

The third component in the 3 step process of My Bikini Butt Program is about exercises. These are bodyweight exercises that don’t require any special equipment or a gymnasium. You will learn about eight different bodyweight workout routines that are beneficial for weight loss and shaping the lower body.

Pros Of This Program

  • This is a weight loss program that is specifically designed for women with a focus on shaping the butt. Since the program is based on the experience and research done by Andrea Albright over a period of 10 years, you can expect this program to be effective.
  • The demonstration videos in this program make it easy to follow and implement the steps. You will just have to spend 15 minutes per day to get the desired results. In 4 weeks you can get amazing results.
  • Program uses a unique combination of dieting guidelines, breathing exercises and body weight workouts to achieve weight loss goals.
  • This program does not recommend any fixed diet and therefore you don’t have to starve to lose weight. You will just have to follow the principles of calorie staggering.
  • When you buy this product, you also get access to an online community forum. This gives you an opportunity to discuss and share experiences with other women and also learn from others.


  • This program provides a broad approach for achieving your weight loss goals and does not provide in depth information about weight loss and fitness.
  • Most of the modules in this program are videos that you can view online and therefore you will need access to a good internet connection.
  • The program recommends the concept of calorie staggering and this is something that may not suit every individual.

My Bikini Butt Review Conclusions

Andrea Albright has put together a weight loss program for women that use a combination of diet, breathing exercises and bodyweight exercises.

Although the program does not go into too much of depth, but Andrea is providing some fabulous bonuses that provide a lot of information.

Women who are looking to lose weight and also get a great looking butt do have a good chance of attaining the desired results by following this program.

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