Old School New Body Review – Steve and Becky Holman’s Program Assessed

old school new body systemMany research studies have indicated that after the age of 40 the human body starts to age much faster. And without proper nutrition and exercises the aging process gets accelerated.

This is the main reason many men and women look for anti-aging solutions for slowing down the aging process or to reverse it.

Fortunately for those who are serious about anti-aging solutions there is unique program called the old school new body program.

Many of the solutions that are available in the market like creams, lotions, supplements, masks, surgery and others only correct the external appearance but do nothing to slow down the aging process from inside the body.

However The Old School New Body Program deals with this problem in a holistic way. It deals with the factors that are responsible for speeding up the aging process from inside and teaches people the techniques to minimize these factors.

This information guide has been created by the couple, Steve and Becky Holman. A quick look at their current photos will reveal how fit they are and this is proof of the fact that they teach what they preach. Can you imagine that Steve has a six pack and is over 50 already?


What Exactly Is The Old School New Body Program?

  • This is an information guide that teaches you the methods to get a lean and muscular body that helps to defy aging.
  • Actually this is 3 phased program and it is called F4X Training System. Each of the 3 phases has been designed to give your body perfect shape and fitness.
  • In the first phase of the program, also known as ‘F4X Lean’, men and women will be able to lose 20, 40 or even 80 pounds. This phase involves some high intensity interval training along with proper nutrition plan.
  • The second phase is called ‘F4X Lean’ and in this phase you will learn the methods to build lean muscles. You will be adding more muscles and reshaping your body to get the desired lean muscles. There are small variations in the workouts and the nutrition plan in this phase compared to the previous phase.
  • The third phase is called the ‘F4X Shape’ and in this phase you will learn to get a body shape similar to top-cover fitness models and celebrities. You will learn the exact F4X Workouts to build more muscles without bulking.
  • By maintaining a lean and muscular body you will be able to slow down the aging process. Many studies have indicated that regular exercise, especially resistance training helps in slowing down the aging process. This is why many of the celebrities who are in their sixties still look young and fit.

Pros Of This Program

  • This is a proven program that has helped thousands of people already. Further, this program has been designed by Steve Holman who gained all his knowledge and information while he was the editor of the Iron Man magazine for several years.
  • This program has been designed to suit people who are more than 35. Whereas many of the other fitness program in the marketplace are geared towards younger people. The Old School New Body Program will get you a lean and muscular body without getting you injured or admitted to a hospital.
  • This program is well suited even for busy men and women. You just need to spend 90 minutes a week on F4X workouts. And I’m sure that most people will be able to devote this much time for retarding the aging process.
  • The diet plan in this program is simple and easy to follow. Most importantly you don’t have to live on steamed chicken breast and broccoli for several months. There is a fair amount of leniency on the diet in this program.
  • Steve Holman is offering awesome bonuses and a 60 day money back guarantee with this program.


  • This is a simple program to follow but by no means it’s easy. You will have to get off your couch and put in the required hard work and effort to get desired results.
  • Lifestyle modifications will be required when you decide to follow this program. If giving up junk food can get you a lean and muscular body then you should be ready to make that sacrifice.

The Old School New Body Review Conclusions – Should You Go For It?

If you are more than 35 years then this information guide provides you all the info required for slowing down aging and get a lean, muscular body.

This program has been designed by keeping the busy schedules of men and women in mind. You will learn about the most effective exercises that get you the results in the least possible time.

However let’s be clear that this program is not an instant fix for your aging, health and fitness related issues. Those who are ready to bend their back and do some workouts can expect decent results, but there are no guarantees. And this is true for all weight loss and fitness training programs.

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