Panic Away Review – Does One Move Technique Work?

panic away programMany people who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety look for a treatment that is proven and provides permanent relief. Although there are many treatments that claim to provide a long term solution, very few of these options actually live up to the expectation.

After trying conventional treatments that load you with anti-depressants, it is not uncommon for people to look for natural solutions. And the natural treatment provided in the panic away program by Joe Barry McDonagh is one such option that is talked about quite a bit.

A quick look at the testimonials on Barry’s website reveals that quite a lot of people have benefitted by using the techniques given in Panic away method. The real thing about Barry’s solution is that it is not a coping method. This guide teaches you a method based on advanced cognitive behavior therapy to get permanent relief for you.

According to Joe Barry, he has already helped thousands of men and women in more than 30 countries to get permanent relief from panic attacks by providing the techniques given in the panic away program.

Further he says that the real secret to getting rid of panic and anxiety attacks is to overcome the fear of another attack. And it seems the techniques in his guide assist you in doing this.

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What Exactly Is Panic Away Program?

This program consists of book, audios and videos that provide all the information required to get relief from anxiety and panic attacks. This program is offered in two formats – (1) digital format where you can download the product immediately after purchase and (2) In physical format where the books, audio and video CD’s are shipped to you.

The initial part of the program gives you information about the causes of anxiety and panic disorder. Details about all the symptoms are also discussed. Next you will be provided the three step process for recover.

In the first step you will come to know about the ‘one move technique’ that you will use to eliminate panic attacks. This step is easy to follow and implement.

In the second step of the process you will be provided information to handle general anxiety disorder (GAD). You will learn how to overcome fear and how to effectively use breathing techniques to calm down your mind.

In the third and final step you will learn more techniques to deal with anxiety. This step is really the end of the recovery process where finer details have been touched upon. If you complete all the steps including this one properly then you will be well equipped to say goodbye to anxiety and panic for good.

Pros Of This Program

  • This program provides an easy to follow natural treatment plan that is effective for panic attacks, anxiety and general anxiety disorder GAD.
  • Since no medicines or drugs are involved in this treatment, you can be sure that you won’t suffer from any of the side effects that are normally experienced when consuming conventional medicines.
  • Panic away program is inexpensive when you compare with the cost of conventional treatment or some therapist. Actually speaking, you will learn advanced cognitive behavioral therapy without paying for a real therapist.
  • This program uses an advanced version of cognitive behavior therapy, which according to many experts is the best way to treat panic attacks and other mood disorders.
  • There are no doctor visits involved in this treatment method and therefore you don’t have to get embarrassed.
  • More than 60,000 individuals have benefitted from this program already and have got rid of panic and anxiety. This is a proof that this program is effective.


  • This program does not provide a quick fix. The techniques in this program have to be practiced regularly and only then you can get relief.
  • Total focus and dedicated will be required in order to read the book, follow the videos and then implement the techniques. Therefore this program may not be for everyone.
  • Often, natural methods will be slightly slow in give you the required results. Therefore you need to be a bit patient and persist with the techniques in this program or a sufficient period of time.
  • You may not get the kind of help and support from this program that a therapist may offer you when you are personally in from of them.

Panic Away Review Conclusions

Based on all the testimonials and our own research it appears that Joe Barry is offering a good solution to the problem of panic attacks.

However, every person is different and the severity of the problem may also be different. Therefore not everyone is going to get the same results by following this program. So people may get very good results and some individuals may not.

But, those who go through this program and implement the techniques given by Joe Barry definitely have a chance of getting rid of anxiety and panic attacks.

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