Rapid Reflux Relief Review – Truth About Nick O’Connor & Richard Harrow’s Program

Rapid Reflux Relief eBookAccording to experts who do research on the subject of acid reflux, the problem of heartburn experienced by people may not have any connection to the foods they eat or the acid that gets created in the stomach or problems with the lower esophagus.

In fact, Nick O’Connor and Richard Harrow have come out with their findings about this problem in their eBook called rapid reflux relief. According to them the real cause for this problem is the bacterium called H. Pylori that is present in the stomach.

According to Nick O’Connor and Richard Harrow there are some simple and safe ways to get rid of this bacterium at your home without visiting a doctor. The exact steps to achieve this have been properly explained in the rapid reflux relief guide.

During the research process they also found out that more than 60% Americas have H. Pylori bacterium in their stomach and this is why you see a lot of people suffering from ulcers, stomach ache, acid reflux, stomach cancer and other such problems.

Further they explain that you can easily get rid of problems like acid burp, stomach ache, burning throat, stomach ulcers, and heartburn by following the steps outlined in their guide.

When we found out from some other experts that H. Pylori is indeed a problematic bacteria, we decided to find out more information and facts about the guide developed by Nick O’Connor and Richard Harrow.

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What Is Rapid Reflux Relief Program All About?

This is actually a simple information guide that spells out the steps to get permanent relief from heartburn and acid reflux problem using natural methods.

You will discover details of 5 natural ingredients that can be mixed in a certain way and consumed so that you are able to eliminate H. Pylori bacteria, which is considered to be the root cause for heartburn. The 5 natural chemicals have been tested in a lab at Johns Hopkins University and have been confirmed to be effective for eliminating H. Pylori.

Actually speaking, you will come to know about some fruits, vegetables, oils and herbs that contain these 5 chemicals. But mixing these fruits, vegetables, oils and herbs in a certain way you will create the mix.

The Rapid Reflux Relief eBook gives you an extensive list of fruits, vegetables, oils and herbs so that you have plenty of alternatives to use in case you don’t find a particular item.

The program guide also provides you details of the schedule to be followed and the best time of the day to consume the mix in order to get best results.

After taking this treatment course you will be free from H. Pylori bacteria forever. However as a preventive measure you will consume this mix once or twice every year going forward.

Normally a person will experience improvement in heartburn problem is just 24 hours. However it is best to follow this treatment plan for the full duration of 3 weeks so that you are completely protected.

Pros Of Rapid Reflux Relief Program

  • This is a simple and cheap method to treat the problem of heartburn. The items required for treatment can be easily purchased from a nearby super market by spending a small amount of money.
  • You are provided a plan for 21 days along with list of items to be mixed and the proportions for mixing. Anyone can follow the steps and get treated.
  • Since the treatment is based on elimination of H. Pylori bacteria, not only will you get cured of acid reflux but you will also be able to prevent other diseases that are caused by this bacteria. This includes cancers of the intestine, colon, stomach, throat, prostate and esophagus.
  • You will not have to live in fear and eat a restrictive diet after you get treated by following the method in this guide. Neither will you have to consume medicines and supplements like antacid.


  • This is a natural treatment for acid reflux problem and it may take several months to get cured completely. Getting cured completely in 3 weeks may be the best case scenario.
  • This information guide in no way should be considered as an alternative to proper medical care. If you suffer from any type of cancer then proper treatment is the only recommended path.

Rapid Reflux Relief Review Conclusions

Nick O’Connor and Richard Harrow have developed this natural solution for acid reflux and heartburn after a lot of research and testing. The information guide provides comprehensive information regarding the problem and the recommended solution.

The solution provided in this program has worked for more than 100,000 and therefore it should work for others also.

However, let’s recognize the fact that every individual on this planet is different and will have heartburn of different level. Therefore the results from any treatment are also going to be different for different people.

The only thing that can be said is that people who implement the methods given in this guide do have a fair chance of getting cured of acid reflux.

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