Reverse My Tinnitus Review – Does Alan Watson & Dr. Phillip’s Method Work?

reverse my tinnitus pdf ebookTinnitus is a medical condition where a person hears buzzing, clicking, ringing, abnormal and disturbing noise in the ears. This condition can make life miserable for the sufferer.

For a long time, experts believed that it is difficult to reverse my tinnitus because this problem is caused due to reasons like exposure to loud noise, age related hearing problems, earwax blockage, ear bone changes, damage to inner ear and others.

However, some of the recent studies have shown that reasons like exposure to loud sounds and earwax blockage, ear bone changes etc. may not be really causing the tinnitus.

According to some of the recent studies, ringing of ears is caused when the myelin sheath protection for the auditory nerve is damaged.

These studies have further indicated that it is possible to repair the damaged myelin sheath protection and eliminate the problem of tinnitus.

In fact a former sufferer of Tinnitus problem, Alan Watson, has already worked on a solution for this problem with the help of Dr. Phillips. He is presenting this solution in the form of an information eBook called reverse my tinnitus.

According to Alan Watson, you don’t need surgery or any expensive medicines to repair the myelin protection.

It seems, you can use some natural foods and a proven diet plan to repair the myelin protection. This repair process is known as remyelination and the details of this process are provided in reverse my tinnitus eBook.

Apparently, you just need to implement the solution given in this eBook for few weeks and you can be free from the problem of tinnitus for life.

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What Exactly Is Reverse My Tinnitus eBook?

This is an information eBook that provides you the exact steps to reverse the problem of tinnitus using natural remedies from your home. The eBook has 6 chapters and 93 pages of comprehensive content.

The eBook starts by explaining the process of hearing and an introduction to the problem of ringing in the ears. You will even know about the link between tinnitus and mental health.

The third chapter of the eBook gives you details of all the foods that are beneficial for correcting the tinnitus problem. It seems these foods help in repairing the damaged myelin stealth protection.

The fourth chapter provides you the details of the 7 day diet plan that will help in correcting the problem. You will get a plan for each day with details for breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon snacks, yoga exercises, mental exercises, cardio workouts etc.

The fifth chapter gives you information about diagnosis, surgical treatments, drugs, home foods and home remedies.

The final chapter of reverse my tinnitus eBook gives you details of herbs, supplements, alternative treatments and other useful information.

You will even get details of lifestyle changes and things that you need to avoid when you are following the protocol given in this eBook.

According to the method given in the eBook, items like alcohol, smoking, fast foods, caffeine and others are to be avoided during the treatment process.


  • The treatment method given in the eBook is a proven one that has been tried and tested by Dr. James and his team. It seems this solution has been created after doing a lot of scientific research. Most importantly, the method uses foods that can be found in your fridge or can be purchased locally.
  • Although the reverse my tinnitus system was created to help out people who have been suffering from this problem for a long period of time, but this system can even be used by people who have just started experiencing the problem and others, because eating foods that are beneficial for the health is not going to cause any harm for anyone.
  • The eBook provides a detailed 7 day diet plan along with other useful techniques like yoga, workouts and useful therapies. These useful techniques are easy to implement even for first timers. All the steps have been explained to perfection.
  • This is an inexpensive method of treatment for tinnitus when you compare the cost with conventional medicines, surgery, hearing aids and other devices to reduce the ringing effects in the ears. Simple testing procedures like tympanometry, pure tone audiometry, masking level and loudness testing would cost a person several hundred dollars.
  • Unlike drugs and medicines, a person will not have any side effects because all the items used for treatment are 100% and safe. In fact many research studies have shown that natural remedies from Mother Nature are the best suited products for the human body and they hardly have any side effects.
  • More than 105,000 people have followed the method outlined in this eBook and have got satisfactory results within a few weeks.
  • According to the author of reverse my tinnitus eBook, the problem of tinnitus may also cause other health problems like sleep disorder and stress or anxiety. In order to address these associated health problems, you will get two bonus products: Tinnitus Sleep Solution and Tinnitus Stress Soothers.
  • Those who are having doubts about this eBook can feel assured because the product is offered to you with a 60 day money back guarantee.


  • One of the assumptions made in this program is that all cases of tinnitus are caused by damage to the myelin protection. However this may not be the cause in all the cases. Therefore this solution may not be effective for sufferers who don’t have damaged myelin protection.
  • The diet plan given in the eBook places restrictions on items like fast food, alcohol, tobacco, coffee and others. Many people may not be able to adhere to these restrictions. Therefore people who cannot make these lifestyle changes may not be able to benefit from the solution given in the eBook.
  • Although the eBook claims that the problem of tinnitus will get eliminated in 3-4 weeks, however not every individual may be able to get results so fast.

Reverse My Tinnitus Review Conclusions

After reading many of the testimonials and doing our own research about this program, we found that Alan Watson has created a good information guide for tinnitus sufferers.

The natural treatment method given in this eBook may work for some people and may not for some others. Many factors together will determine the effectiveness of the solution provided in this eBook. Therefore don’t expect overnight results.

Those who seriously read the eBook and correctly implement the plan outlined in the eBook do have a chance of correcting the problem of tinnitus.

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