Review Of Restore My Blood Sugar By Andrew Forester And D Chao

restore my blood sugar systemLots of people look for information to naturally normalize the blood sugar levels without consuming expensive drugs that can cause side effects. This is exactly what Restore my blood sugar program claims to do for you. It seems you will be also be able to burn fat and increase your energy levels in just 21 days by following this program.

This information product has been released by Andrew forester and D Chao. According to Professor D. Chao you will have to spend just 5 minutes per day to stabilize your volatile blood sugar readings.

As per Andrew forester and D Chao the solution provided in Restore My Blood Sugar Program works for both young and old people. It seems even people who have been suffering from diabetes for decades can take advantage of the solution and get rid of all the nasty symptoms in just a few weeks.

Professor D. Chao further claims that the solution provided in this program will work even if your doctor has told you that your current condition is permanent and nothing can be done and even if you tried various diet and exercise programs without much success.

A lot of other such programs are there on the net that make bold and tall claims. And that is the main reason we did some research on our own and are presenting the facts about this program in our review.

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What Exactly Is Restore My Blood Sugar Program?

This is a series of information guides that provide details to normalize your blood sugar levels, increase energy levels and shed some pounds in just 21 days. As per Professor D. Chao this is a well-documented, peer reviewed and scientifically proven method for lowering glucose in your blood and for losing weight simultaneously.

It seems Andre Forester himself suffered from the problem of weight gain for many years and was on the verge of developing type 1 diabetes. This is when he came to know about the 21 day plan for lowering blood glucose and lose weight from one of the health forums. This plan was actually developed by Professor D. Chao.

After trying the plan for 21 days Andrew was able to get his blood glucose to normal levels and also lost more than 50 pounds. After many others got successful results it was decided to provide this information in the form of a guide so that others can benefit.

Restore My Blood Sugar plan is essentially based on two key techniques.

Perform some special low volume training that can be done in just 5 minutes without any weights or use of exercise equipment.

Consume certain super foods that are proven to be effective for lowering blood sugar.

It seems the combination of the above techniques helps in absorption of glucose from the blood into the muscles. This prevents weight gain and helps in boosting energy levels 10 folds.

What Do You Get When You Purchase This Product?

Restore My Blood Sugar program comprises of several modules that are offered as PDF guide.

Low Volume Exercise

This guide provides you the details of a series of 5 minute exercises, also known as low volume training, which are to be completed every day. These simple exercises do not require any special equipment.

Blood Sugar Super Foods

This guide provides you the details of 20 super foods that help in lowering blood glucose in a natural way. Some of these items may already be there in your kitchen. You can also purchase these items from a local grocery store.

Diet & Nutrition

This guide gives you details of foods that you need to avoid. The guide also gives you alternatives for certain tasty foods that you may be eating already. By consuming these alternative foods you will be able to keep blood glucose levels under control.

Your Medications

This guide is all about medicines that are prescribed for diabetes and the negative side effects caused by them. In this guide you will get to know some natural remedies that can help in removing the side effects gradually.

Friendly Carbs

In this guide Professor Chao presents to you details of 10 carbohydrates that are known to lower the blood glucose.

Bonus Module – Elite health tracker

Elite health tracker is a software application that facilitates the tracking of your progress on a regular basis. This software will give you charts and graphs about blood sugar level and some other important details.

Bonus Module – Subliminal Music

The second bonus module is a series of subliminal mp3 files. Many scientific studies have shown that this type of music helps in relaxing the mind and reduce stress levels. By listening to this music you will be able to speed up the healing process from inside.

Pros of Restore My Blood Sugar program

  • This is simple program that provides information in the form of simple to follow guides. These guides are written in English and anyone can read them and start implementing the techniques.
  • This program provides an inexpensive way to control diabetes. You will not need test strips, needles, insulin, medicines, weight loss equipment and doctor visits. All this will help you to save money.
  • This program also helps you to lose weight without starving yourself. You can eat the foods you like or some alternatives. You will start to lose weight from your body, belly and thighs.
  • You don’t have to do any kind of weight lifting or workouts with number of reps. You will be doing low volume exercises for just 5 minutes every day.
  • You will not be following any weight loss program or fad diet or low carb diet that really makes life difficult and annoying because of all the restrictions.
  • Restore my blood sugar program actually helps you to increase energy levels by almost 10 folds by using a combination of exercises and super foods.
  • This program comes with 60 day money back guarantee from Professor D. Chao & Andrew Forester. You will be able to try this program totally risk free.


  • This program is simple but not easy. You will have to follow certain diet restrictions and perform the 5 minute exercise routine every day without fail.
  • There are 5 manuals that have to be read by you in order to understand and implement the techniques. Many people may find this part to be difficult. A short quick start guide would have been much better.

Restore My Blood Sugar Review Conclusions

Andrew forester and Professor D Chao have a good information product that offers good information about blood sugar and some simple remedies for managing diabetes.

However, let me tell you that diabetes is a complex health problem and can lead to problems like leg amputation, liver failure, kidney problems etc.

Depending only on an information guide for this kind of problem may not be a wise decision. You need to consult a doctor for sure.

Having said that, let me mention that those who read the guides provided in this program and implement the steps do have a chance of lowering blood sugar and losing some weight.

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