Self Sufficiency Shortcuts Review – Will Richard Grey’s System Work?

self sufficiency shortcuts systemSurvival during difficult times like cyclone, floods, tsunami, hurricane, and earthquake is not easy. You may not have access to shops, supermarkets and farmers market.

Without proper arrangements in advance, you can easily run out of food supplies and your family may get very little food to eat or may even have to starve.

Those who invest in self-sufficient systems that can sustain even during disasters can overcome the problem of food supplies during some natural disasters.

Richard Grey, a third generation farmer who lives in Imperial Valley California, has come out with an information system called Self Sufficiency shortcuts that teaches you how to build a micro farm that can supply food and water for your family during difficult times.

According to Richard Grey, his information product provides the steps to setup this secret micro farm in just a few hours by using only a few square feet of space.

A family survival system is becoming a necessity these days because of climate change and increased frequency of natural disasters like storms, cyclones and floods. This is why we decided to write this review for the Self Sufficiency shortcuts system.

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What Does The Self Sufficiency Shortcuts Program Provide?

You will get access to PDF guides and videos that provide you all the information and steps to create a self-sustaining micro farm system in your backyard.

Information regarding all the tools and the material required is provided in this course. Instructions for setting up the micro farm in a few hours are also included.

According to Richard Grey, once implemented properly, this system can supply you nutritious vegetables, fresh meat and clean drinking water on a self-replenishing basis.

Further, Richard Grey explains that you don’t need any technical knowledge to implement the system. Even if you have never implemented a project like this, you will be able to do this project by following the provided information.

The Self Sufficiency shortcuts guide gives you information like – where to source the parts inexpensively, proven techniques for setting up specific modules of this system based on your own requirements, how to do soundproofing so that the noise made by animals does not travel outside, how to keep the micro farm cool during the hot summer period, and how to do regular maintenance of the system going forward etc.

Along with the main guide you will also receive several bonus reports like – animal lifesavers, the complete guide to canning and preserving food, speed breeding secrets, and square foot potato production.

What Is The Working Model Of This System?

This whole working system is based on a healthy ecosystem where the waste from one creature is turned into food for others.

For example you can have a self-sufficient and self-automated coop where you can have animals like chicken, rabbit, ducks and others.

The waste produced by these animals can then be moved to a garden with the help of some PVC pipes and water. This waste water can easily fertilize a small vegetable garden which can supply you fruits and vegetables. The water from the vegetable garden can then drip through a bed rock to give you pure and clean drinking water.

The clean water can also be supplied to a fish tank. The water along with waste from the fish tank can be supplied to a coop or even back to the vegetable garden.

This system just requires a few square feet of space that will give you sufficient meat and eggs to feed your family regularly.

You are also going to get fresh vegetables from your garden so that your family can have healthy and nutritious salads and other dishes.

Pros Of Self Sufficiency Shortcuts System

Richard Grey is providing a simple information product comprising of guides and videos that anyone can follow and get the minimum required family survival system in place. You don’t have to be a technical wizard to implement this system.

You can build a full system by spending less than 300 dollars. You will get details of all the parts and where to buy them inexpensively.

This system is designed in such a way that no one will even come to know about it. This will help in protecting this self-sustaining and self-automated system from theft and robbery.

This is a totally customizable system wherein you can include the modules you want and avoid building the other modules. If you want to only have the vegetable garden and the fish tank, you can do that.

By implementing this system you can attain food-independence so that you and your family will not have to depend on anyone else for survival during a disaster.

More than 24,000 families have taken advantage of this proven system to protect their family from natural disasters.


Although this is good system for getting food supply during disaster, however certain disasters like floods and earthquake can make this system useless.

Some of the parts required for this system may have to be procured from distant location making it a bit expensive when compared with local purchase.

This system may need regular supply of water from external source if the pure water generated from this system is used for drinking purpose.

Self Sufficiency Shortcuts Review Conclusions

Many of the testimonials for this product make it clear that Richard Grey is providing good information for building a family survival system.

The claims of being 100% automated and self-sufficient may not be true always because there are several things that may need manual attention from time to time.

You will have to implement this system and find out if it can really help you and your family to get regular supply of food items and water.

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