Teds Woodworking Plans Review – Truth About Ted McGrath’s Plans

teds woodworking plansLot of people like doing woodworking projects at home but do not have all the required information. I’m talking about Do It Yourself (DIY) woodworking projects.

You may be wondering that in this internet age most of the information is available online so why is it difficult to get information for DIY projects.

You see there is a lot of information that is scattered all over the internet and what you need is consolidated information in the form of designs, plans, bill of material tools etc in one place.

Fortunately for the woodworking enthusiast, there is a product called teds woodworking plans which claims to provide all the detailed information for undertaking a woodworking project home.

This product has been created by Ted McGrath who is a professional woodworking craftsman with over 36 years of experience in this field.

With time, Ted became an expert at woodworking and his work was getting appreciated by lots of people.

Over the years Ted committed several mistakes while making wooden furniture. However slowly and gradually he became perfect. After attaining complete mastery over this craft, Ted decided to share his knowledge in the form of teds woodworking plans for others to learn and benefit.

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What Is Teds Woodworking Plans?

This is a package that consists of more than 16,000 plans for woodworking projects that you can download. These plans have been put together over a period of two years.

There are all sorts of woodworking projects included in the package like wooden sheds, bunk beds, storage boxes etc.

For those who want to start a woodworking business there is a how-to guide that is available as part of the package.

There are 150 videos that explain various aspects of woodworking. These videos are targeted more towards people who are just learning woodworking.

Each of the projects in the package comes with clear instructions and colored design so that it is easy to follow.

The package also includes 3-D Modeling Software and DWG CAD file viewer.

This product is useful for beginners as well as experienced woodworkers who want to take up advanced level products.

There are two versions of Teds woodworking plans – standard and deluxe version. In the deluxe version following additional modules are included – Shed plans, Designer shed plans, Home 3D Software and resources & references.


  • This program provides blueprints, step by step assembly instruction and the documented product.
  • The instructions along with the videos make it easy to follow for any woodworking enthusiast.
  • There is a large variety of plans in the package and twoodworking businesshis would easily cover the requirements of both beginners and advanced woodworking craftsmen.
  • This product is available in downloadable format and also as a DVD that can be shipped to you.


  • The number of plans in the package is huge and many of the beginners can easily get overwhelmed.
  • The videos in this program lack content and depth. And the variety of videos I also very limited and needs to be beefed up appropriately.
  • If you are going to download all the plans it is going to take a lot of time. Alternately you can go for the DVD pack that will be shipped to you.

Teds Woodworking Plans Review Conclusions

Ted McGrath has developed a good information product for those who are interested in doing woodworking projects at home or elsewhere.

The blueprints and designs have been created over a period of time and are based on practical projects and therefore the quality is good.

Those who purchase this package and follow the plans do have a good chance at succeeding with DIY woodworking projects.

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