Text The Romance Back Review – Does Michael Fiore’s Texting Work?

text the romance back pdfHas your relation lost a bit of spark? Are you missing the days when the two of you were more romantic? According to relationship expert Michael Fiore, it is possible to get back the spark in your relationship and restore the intense fire and sensuality with your boyfriend or husband, girlfriend or wife that existed in the beginning.

Michael Fiore says that all this is possible by using simple text messages. And the details of how to go about doing this is provided in his information guide called ‘Text The Romance Back‘.

Michael is a well-known relationship guru and dating expert with several popular information products against his name. Many of his products have received national and international coverage and he has appeared in popular TV shows like The Rachel Ray Show, NBC, FOX, Mancow Radio Show, Yahoo and CBS radio.

According to Michael Fiore all relationships should have the romantic spark and intimacy. And this can be achieved easily, quickly and affordably by following the messaging techniques outlined in text the romance guide.

It seems the latest version of this information guide has lots of improvements like additional text message samples, different relationship scenarios like long distance relationships and how to use text messages for varied relationship situations.

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What Exactly Is Text The Romance Back?

  • This is an information guide (also includes audio version) that provides you the exact steps to rekindle the romance back in a relationship by using simple but highly effective text messages. It seems these text messages are so effective that even a shy and reserved person will feel sexy and flirty when he or she reads it.
  • According to Michael, when a relationship grows over a period of time, the flirty intimacy can drop. By using appropriately worded text messages in a timely manner it is possible to restore the spark back in a relationship.
  • It seems sometimes text messages work much better than a face to face talk or a phone conversation because you can carefully create the message without being too harsh, without any mistakes and most importantly without the facial expression.
  • Michael Fiore’s guide provides you different sets of sample text messages for men and women. This is because men and women think differently and therefore the messages need to be totally different. This guide essentially has three main sections.
  • The first section of the guide provides you the introduction to the program and explains how the guide can help in reigniting the spark in your relationship. The guide also provides the benefits of text messaging and how it can be used effectively to rebuild a romantic relationship. Further Michael Fiore explains the best way to get the most out of this guide.
  • The second section of text the romance back guide is the core where you will come to know about different text messages that you can send to your partner in order to rebuild the romantic relationship. You will also come to know of the various scenarios to use the text messages. Message topics like “Text Kiss”, “Appreciation Texts”, “Curiosity Magnet”, “Sensual Compliments” and general “Text Messages” have been covered.
  • The third section of the guide is all about how to personalize the text messages according to your specific scenario.
  • It seems the tips, ideas, and suggestion’s provided in text the romance guide can work for any age, gender and personality. The text messages can be easily modified to fit new scenarios.

Pros Of This Program

  • It is an easy to follow program to rebuild a relationship that has lost the spark and intimacy. Almost everything has been done for you. You just have to use the text messages by making minor modifications according to your requirements.
  • The updated version of text the romance back guide contains a section on ‘Long distance love’ and this is extremely useful for maintaining the love and romance in a long distance relationship like military marriages and college romances.
  • The tips, techniques and advice given in the guide work for men and women of all age, gender and personality.
  • Product is available in PDF format as well as the audio format. In case you like to listen rather than read, you can do that.


  • With so many people using the same text messages it is possible that these messages will become ineffective and stale. This is why it is recommended that you make some changes to the messages instead of doing a copy paste job.
  • For some scenarios a face to face communication may be a better option. Therefore you need to make your own judgment about where and when to use text messages.

Text The Romance Back Review Conclusions

This is an intelligent and innovative product from Michael Fiore for the current digital age where iPhones and Smartphones can do so much for your relationship.

Certainly text messaging is an effective way to rekindle romance in a relationship, but it is definitely not the only way to do it. Results with text messaging are going to be different for different people.

Those who use text messages to rebuild romance in their life do have a chance of achieving the same.

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