The 3 Week Diet Review – Will Brian Flatt’s Program Work For You?

3 week diet manualIf you are seriously looking to lose weight in a methodical fashion then there is a solution that promises to help you shed 12 to 20 pounds just 21 days.

The 3 week diet program provides a proven method for speedy weight loss that gives you all the information to lose a lot more than 20 pounds of pure fat from your body in only 3 weeks.

According to the creator of this program, Brian Flatt, you will shed pounds off your belly, butt, hips and thighs by following the 3 week diet.

It seems this program provides the quickest solution to shed pounds rapidly with no weight loss pills or rigorous workouts.

You will also increase your body metabolism and learn about the main foods you need to consume to burn the fat off quickly with this particular diet.

It seems this method is used by celebrities and skilled athletes.

Since all this information appeared interesting and authentic, we decided to find out more details about this program.

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What Exactly Is The 3 Week Diet?

The 3-Week Diet is really a scientifically researched and developed diet program that is available in the form of an information guides that you can download.

The e-books contain information regarding the science behind the functions of the body, healthy ways to eat so as to get rid of fat, a proven exercise routine for rapid weight loss, and motivational methods for attaining your fitness objectives.

The author of this diet program claims that this program can assist you to get rid of fat faster than any other weight loss system that you may have tried earlier.

It seems by following this program, you’ll get 100% control over your body’s fat burning process in a matter of just 21 days and you will be able to really melt away unwanted fat that you desire to.

Furthermore, there is actually no need to understand weight loss jargons to obtain maximum benefit from this program.

The instructions in 3 week diet program are written in such a manner so that even a young teenager wouldn’t face any difficulty in mastering the techniques. All you need to do is spend some time with patience in implementing the techniques.

What Are Some Of The Unique Aspects Of This Program?

Eat Fat To Get Rid Of Fat: This may sound just a little strange, but by consuming some well-known fats regularly you can actually force the body into losing fat at a considerably faster rate. It seems this fat comes from grass fed beef, and is recognized as CLA.

Options for vegetarians: The program provides details of a lot of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, sprouts, cabbage etc. that help fight naturally occurring estrogens in your body. This helps in melting fat rather than storing it.

Calorie juggling: By continuously changing the caloric intake each day you can trick your body to burn more fat.

Why dieting doesn’t work: Because reducing the total amount of calories you take in makes the body think that it’s being starved. The body then tries to save just as much energy as it possibly can, which in turn stops the fat burning process.

Specifically Intended To Avoid Rebound Weight Gain: So many weight loss programs don’t really work because of rebound weight gain. However this program is different because it actually trains the metabolism of your body to reset. This means the fat burning process restarts in a cyclic fasion.

What Do You Get When You Purchase The 3 week diet Product?

When you buy this product you’ll get 4 manuals:

Introduction Manual:

This manual makes you understand the science behind weight gain, the way you gain fat and what exactly needs to be done in order to eliminate your annoying fat layers. In addition, it introduces the precise supplements that are helpful for losing fat.

Diet Manual:

This manual gives information about how exactly to calculate lean muscle mass versus fat percentage, details of fat burning foods you need to eat and details of foods to avoid for achieving your weight loss objectives.

Workout Manual:

This manual provides a detailed workout plan that will require only 20-minutes each day. You will need to do workouts only 3-4 days a week. This exercise regimen along with the diet should be enough for losing pounds without visiting the gym.

Mindset & Motivation Manual:

You will become familiar with how exactly to maintain focus on your objectives and remain motivated throughout the 21 day period and beyond. It includes high-quality mindset and motivational tips, tricks and tools.

Pros Of 3 Week Diet Program

  • This is a simple and straightforward program that anyone can follow. You will get instructions for each and every day so that you don’t have to guess things. Most importantly the weight loss method is customized for your body.
  • This program explains all the reasons for gaining weight and what you need to do to lose weight. After reading the manuals in this program all your myths regarding weight loss will get cleared.
  • Mindset and motivation are very important for losing weight. Many people lose interest and motivation after some time, especially if the results are not good. This program even takes care of mindset and motivation issue.


  • This is certainly not a program that will give you some pills for losing weight in few days. You will have to get out of the couch and sweat it out.
  • There are 4 manuals to read and understand the concepts. People who are allergic to reading may find this to be an uphill task.

The 3 Week Diet Review Conclusions

Brian Flatt’s program provides good information about weight loss and how to shed 12 to 20 pounds in 3 week’s time.

But losing weight is a complex thing and so many different factors will determine the success you get out of this program. Just reading the manuals is not going to give you guaranteed results.

Those who read the manuals and take massive action do have a chance of losing 12 to 20 pounds in 21 days.

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