The Gout Remedy Report Review – Truth About Joe Barton’s Report

gout remedy report pdfGout is a type of arthritis that is very painful. Unfortunately there is no cure in the form of a pill or an injection that can give you relief. The medicines that are prescribed for gout are painkillers that provide you temporary relief from the symptoms like pain, swelling, and inflammation.

The problem of Gout has been there for centuries and many studies have been conducted about this problem. And many of these studies have indicated that this problem can be managed by using natural remedies.

To help people suffering from gout with natural remedies, Joe Barton has come out with a special report called The Gout Remedy Report.

It seems this report provides details of natural remedies that are known to provide relief. According to this report it is important to really understand the cause for your joint pain or inflammation caused by gout.

Once you know the cause, you will be able to make changes to your lifestyle, diet, herbs and supplement intake to cure gout. According to the gout remedy report pain killers just mask the pain, however your joint is still undergoing all the misery.

Since this report claims that it has the secret remedies that can provide permanent and long term relief, we decided to find out more about this report and present the details on this blog.

What Does The Gout Remedy Report Provide?


  • This is a 48 page eBook that provides comprehensive information regarding gout, including causes, symptoms and natural remedies to get relief. This eBook has 5 chapters that cover various aspects.
  • The first chapter ‘Overview of Gout ‘gives you details of cause, symptoms, different stages of gout, who is at risk of getting gout and what other complications can result from having this problem.
  • The second chapter is called ‘Gout Remedies’ and it provides details of conventional treatments that are prescribed for this problem. Then you will discover a list of 7 natural remedies that are known to treat gout successfully.
  • The third chapter is about ‘Living with Gout’. You will learn some strategies to control your health so that you don’t get a Gout attack in the first place.
  • The fourth chapter is about ‘Foods And Beverages To Avoid’. In this chapter you will discover details of foods that you need to avoid and foods that are beneficial for treating gout.
  • The final chapter is the ‘Conclusion’ where you will discover additional strategies and resources to keep healthy and free from gout.

Pros Of This Report

  • This report provides all the information that you need to know about gout. You will discover details of both conventional medicines and effective natural remedies.
  • The natural remedies provided in the guide are all inexpensive and you will be able to purchase then by spending a few dollars.
  • The report clearly gives you details of foods that contain purines and should be avoided. Also provided is the list of useful foods.
  • The report also gives you details of supplements that are beneficial for you and you should consume for getting speedy relief.
  • The real causes for gout have been explained in detail and this should help you in deciding the lifestyle and diet changes that you need to make for getting proper relief.
  • The report is also giving you information regarding preventive measure so that you don’t have the problem again after getting cured.


  • Although the report gives list of foods to eat and foods to avoid, there is no step by step diet plan included in the report.
  • Considering that diet is an important part of this natural treatment plan, it is surprising that the report does not have any food recipes.
  • The information provided in the gout remedy report is not from a qualified medical doctor. Therefore it is important that you consult a specialist doctor before you start the natural treatment.

The Gout Remedy Report Review Conclusions

Joe Barton has created this comprehensive report that provides detailed information about gout and the various treatment options, including natural remedies.

Since arthritis is a complex problem, results from treatment methods given in this report is going to be different for different individuals and nothing can be guaranteed for sure.

Those people who read the report and implement the natural remedies do have a chance of getting rid of gout permanently.

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