The Venus Factor Review – Truth About John Barban’s Program

the venus factor systemThere are so many weight loss programs online that promise to deliver results, but most of them never really give you the results.

And some of programs will help you to lose weight by following a specific diet, but once you stop following the diet you will get back all the pounds you lost.

The worst part is that all these programs provide the same diet and workout plan for both men and women, without recognizing the fact that several factors like metabolism, hormones etc. work differently in men and women.

For a change, there is a new program by John Barban that focuses on weight loss for women. This program is called The Venus Factor. This program is available online in digital format.

Like many of the other programs, I thought this one would also be marketing hype and therefore I ignored it initially.

However after reading some reviews and testimonials by real people I figured out that this program must be different and that’s why I decided to find out more and present the findings on this blog.

Actually, a quick look at the venus factor program reveals that this is not just a weight loss program for women, but much more than that. It actually helps women to become stronger, healthier and toned.

According to John Barban the focus of this program is on diet and workouts so that women can get long lasting results that they can maintain for as long as they want.

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What Does The Venus Factor Program Provide?

  • You will get a workout plan that is simple and can be implemented at home, outside or at the gym. You won’t require any expensive exercise equipment to do the workouts. The videos in this program provide you all the steps in detail. You just need to view the video and implement the steps.
  • Then there is the virtual nutritionist which is an application program that helps in developing a diet plan for you. You will be inputting factors like weight, height, waist, hip measurements etc. and the program is going to provide you a diet plan that is appropriate for your body type.
  • The third component of the Venus factor program is a manual that provides all the information about weight loss and all the steps you will be following over the next 12 weeks.
  • More importantly you will come to know about why you are performing a particular step and the benefits of it.
  • You will understand subjects like gender differences in metabolism, nutrition science, meal timing & meal frequency, metabolic rates etc. The manual explains in great detail about hormone Leptin which control fat loss.
  • The second part of the guide provides you a new way to measure progress and introduces you to measurements like height-to-waist-ratio, waist-to-hip-ratio and shoulder-to-waist-ratio.
  • The fourth important component of this program is the Venus community. This is an online member’s only forum where you can interact with other women and share your experiences and also come to know of the best practices from other women.

Pros Of This Program

  • This is a program that has been designed for women so that they get lean fit and sexy body. The workouts in this program will tone up your thighs, legs, butts and other parts. These workouts have been designed specifically for women so that they get a good shape without giving the muscular and manly look.
  • You don’t need membership to a gymnasium to do this 12 week program. You can do the workouts at home with 2 dumbbells and a bench. If you don’t have a bench then you can just use a chair and do the exercises.
  • The diet plan produced by the virtual nutritionist is not restrictive. You won’t have to live on chicken breasts and baked beans for 12 weeks. You will be able to eat the foods you like and still shed the excess weight.
  • The guide teaches you techniques to measure progress in terms of ratios. By using the ratios you will be able to sculpt the dream body that you want and that will turn men’s heads.
  • John Barban is offering a 60 day money back guarantee.


  • If you are suffering from osteoporosis or any other health problem then this program may not suit you. You should rather consult a professional doctor and get medical advice.
  • Although this is a simple program to implement but it is definitely not an easy program. There is hard work involved in this program. Those who are not ready to put in the effort should not waste their money.

The Venus Factor Review Conclusions

John Barban has created a good weight loss product specifically for women. This program has already produced results for lots of women.

However weight loss results may not be the same for every woman, because there are several factors that will determine the results.

However, women who buy this program and implement the steps have a fair chance of losing weight.

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