Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review – Melanie Addington’s Program Assessed

Ultimate Herpes Protocol eBookMelanie Addington, a former sufferer of herpes has developed a natural method to get rid of hsv virus. It seems this method works for both type I and type II hsv virus. The exact steps to get relief have been included in an information guide called the ultimate herpes protocol.

Melanie Addington herself suffered from herpes type II and she was prescribed acyclovir by the doctors to control the outbreaks.

Although acyclovir did provide some relief, but it resulted in some serious side effects in the form of hair loss. Annoyed with the alarming rate of hair fall Melanie discussed this problem with her father who is an acclaimed medical doctor.

Her father recommended an ancient natural treatment method. Melanie implemented the natural method and soon her outbreaks started subsiding. Soon she got complete relief from herpes and never had outbreaks again.

Encouraged by the results she obtained, Melanie shared the method with some of her friends and close relatives who were suffering from hsv virus. To her surprise, even her friends and close relatives also got encouraging results. This success eventually resulted in the development of ultimate herpes protocol.

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What Method Does Ultimate Herpes Protocol eBook Provide?

  • This eBook provides a simple 3 step process for getting rid of herpes simplex virus. The first step is boosting the immune system. The second step is about eliminating the lipid covering that protects the virus and the third step is prevention of virus multiplication.
  • As part of immune system boosting step you will come to know about a unique method along with a diet plan that works well for this purpose. You will also learn about things that cause harm to immune system and how you can prevent this by taking precautions.
  • The guide provides 7 steps to boost the immune system in a natural way. You will also learn how to get rid of toxins in the body.
  • In the second step you will learn the method to eliminate the lipid protection for the virus that helps it to thrive. This step even provides information about dealing with genital herpes and oral herpes.
  • It seems there are certain natural foods that assist in eliminating the lipid protective cover for the virus. You will get details of these foods in the ultimate herpes protocol guide.
  • In the third step you will come to know of nutritional supplements and certain other food items that inhibit the fast propagation of herpes simplex virus. The guide also provides you detailed specifications of nutritional supplements and alternatives so that you don’t have to struggle finding a remedy.
  • Overall the eBook is packed with useful information and tips that are backed by scientifically proven research data in order to get rid of both type I and type II hsv outbreaks.

Pros Of This Program

  • It is safe, natural and proven protocol for treating herpes outbreaks. Already more than 7500 people have benefited from the program. The steps in the guide are clear and easy to follow for anyone.
  • Since the treatment method provided in the guide uses 100% natural method you will not have to suffer from side effects like nausea, vomiting, headache or stomach disorder.
  • The 3 step process given in the guide not only helps in eliminating herpes simplex virus but it also provides the steps for future prevention.
  • This treatment method works for everyone and for all types of herpes infections including oral and genital.


  • This is a highly effective natural protocol but it is not an instant fix. Depending on how weak your immune system is, it may take from few weeks to a month for getting relief.
  • This treatment plan should not be used by pregnant women. Rather they should consult a doctor.
  • In certain rare cases this protocol does not work. However you are backed by a 60 day money back guarantee and therefore you are covered fully.

Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review Conclusions

Melanie Addington has created an eBook that is loaded with information about herpes simplex virus and how to prevent and cure outbreaks using natural remedies. More than 7500 people have benefited by using the method provided in Melanie’s guide and this proves the effectiveness of the protocol in her eBook. However we need to recognize the fact that each individual is different and therefore not everyone is going to get the same results by following the protocol in the eBook. So don’t be surprised if you see slow improvement or very little improvement. This is the case with all treatments. Having said that let me also tell you that those who follow and implement the methods given in Melanie Addington’s eBook have a fair chance of getting permanent herpes cure.

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