Understanding Food Allergies Better

allergy symptomsIf you want to maintain perfect health then it is also important for you to understand food allergies better. Allergens can cause havoc in your life and can sometimes even become life-threatening.

There are various types of allergies like food and airborne allergies, and even though they’re increasing worldwide you will find a lot of allergies that we still have no idea about. We can say for certain that an allergic attack is triggered once the body mistakenly identifies an allergen as harmful.

An allergen is really a substance like pollen, mold, foreign particle or some substance in food that upon entering the body causes our body to release certain chemicals to attack the invader. This is why it is important to understand food allergies a little better.

Allergic reaction could cause nasal passages to close, nose and eyes to water, buildup of skin rashes and in addition cause problems in the digestive tract. The symptoms can range between mild to very severe, and may also cause death in some cases.

It has usually been thought that allergy is a problem that begins in childhood and stays with us through adulthood. However this may not be true always.

You can find adult-onset allergies that may hit anytime, which too is unclear why. Nonetheless it is interesting to notice that most of the allergies that develop during our adult years come in our twenties through forties instead of in old age.

It is believed that whenever we enter our old age our disease fighting capability actually weakens, and for that reason the response to allergens also weakens. But that is yet only theory, researchers don’t really know for certain.

One theory states that food allergies are on the increase because our food has less contamination than what it way some decades back. This cleaner food has fewer bacteria, making our food safer from contamination.

But that does mean that our body hasn’t had to accomplish enough, when it finally does get something foreign it will overreact to the allergens. Then with the increase of pesticides inside our food production system and genetically engineered foods our body immune system becomes overwhelmed.

Simply put, even professionals don’t really know enough about this whole process and therefore there exists a large amount of guessing going on.

Food allergies are actually quiet dangerous and you should be very seriously about it. You should not get confused with food intolerance that is a completely different subject. But certainly knowing foods that lead to allergic reaction and avoiding those foods will relieve your immune system from excessive stress. This is why it is important not to leave it just like that.

Understanding the need to maintain a proper gut flora will help in meeting any challenges for general health, which certainly includes our disease fighting capability.Allergen

Excessive use of antibiotics, high usage of unhealthy fats and items that kill the good bacterial in the gut are things that may cause havoc with gut flora. All this makes our body vulnerable to attack from foreign particles.

Processed food items, chlorinated plain tap water, sugar, grains and agricultural pesticides are things we ingest regularly that kill the good bacteria in the gut.

Despite the fact that there’s still a whole lot to understand about the sources of allergies, we can say for certain that gut flora plays an important role in fighting allergens.

Eating items like probiotic yogurt and curd helps in increasing the amount of good bacteria in the gut and thus help overcome the problems caused by allergens and bad bacteria.

Eating organic foods like green leafy vegetables, fruits and other vegetables helps us to avoid ingesting harmful chemicals that are used with other inorganic methods of farming. Similarly eating chicken and eggs from your own backyard chicken coop is much better than eating eggs and chicken from a commercial farm.

Consuming healthy foods not merely means adding well balanced meals to your daily diet. It also includes steering clear of certain forms of foods that can trigger allergic reaction.

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