Unlock Her Legs Review – Truth About Rob Judge and Bobby Rio’s Program

unlock her legs programMany guys struggle to date the girl they really like and find it hard to get her. To help such with guys with proper information and proven seduction techniques, Rob Judge and Bobby Rio have a new course called Unlock Her Legs.

It seems this course teaches guys to attract the hard to get girl by influencing her with psychological and emotional techniques that most often work.

According to Bobby Rio, you will learn the secret techniques and the unique scrambler method to easily and quickly attract the girl you want, get her to sleep with you and become your girlfriend.

Unlock Her Legs program has already created a lot of buzz and excitement in the men’s dating advice community and that’s why we are presenting our review of this course for you.

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What Exactly Is Unlock Her Legs Program?

This is a step by step program that teaches guys to get that hard to get girl. It seems when the techniques in this program are implemented properly, it can make a girl fall in love or even get obsessed with you.

This program consists of two key parts. The first part of the program teaches the scrambler method. This method essentially has mind games that men can use to influence a girl and make her fall in love with them.

The scrambler method is explained in the 60 page scrambler manual. Additionally you will find audio that provides answers to several questions about this method. Then you also have the videos explaining the weapons of seduction.

The idea of the scrambler method is to get the girl to chase you. To do this you will learn certain techniques.

  • One of the techniques involves ‘creating uncertainty’. With this technique you will be able to create uncertainty in her mind so that he gets curious about you. More is the curiosity, more she will think about you.
  • Another technique is called ‘shifting of power’. This technique when implemented correctly will make her to shift the thought towards you rather than herself. She will chase you to impress upon you.
  • Another important component of the scrambler method is the ‘Make Her Seek Your Approval’ technique. When you implement this technique your girlfriend will start to come to you for getting all important things to be validated and approved by you.
  • Then there is ‘Make Her Anticipate’ technique in the scrambler method. She will start to anticipate all your moves. When this happens the attraction level is going to increase.

The second part of Unlock Her Legs program is called the Lust System. In this part you will learn the secrets of conversation and some amazing flirting techniques. You will get a 120 page LUST manual and 10 videos that explain all the finer details.

  • You will find out that one secret question that will help in determining if she is ready to sleep with you or not. This will prevent the embarrassment of rejection.
  • You will learn the secret technique to get her make the first move even if you have been in the friend zone with you for many years now.
  • You will discover how to skyrocket sexual tension so that she feels wet and anticipates sex every time she is there with you.

Who Can Benefit From This Program?

  • A guy who is struggling to attract a girl and has become tired of chasing her for long can learn a lot from this program.
  • Guys who find it difficult to come out of the friend zone can get some amazing techniques from this course.
  • Someone who is already in a relationship but cannot get her to bed can also gain immensely from this program.
  • If you are looking for some real good seduction and flirting techniques then this course is going to be very handy.

Pros of Unlock Her Legs

  • This program is coming from two well known dating experts Rob Judge and Bobby Rio who have several other proven products like magnetic messaging.
  • You will learn techniques that will help you to become more confident with women and improve the chances of attracting them.
  • The unique scrambler method will put you in a position where she will chase you rather that you going after the girl.
  • In the Lust module you will learn some unique seduction, dating and flirting techniques that will give you undue advantage compared to other guys.
  • Thousands of guys have benefited by using this system to attract and sleep with beautiful women including total 10′s.


  • The course makes use of psychological and emotional trigger to attract women. Some guys may find these techniques to be inappropriate.
  • Attracting and seducing women is an art that cannot be perfected overnight. Therefore this course can maybe help you with new techniques and strategies but will not make things happen for you.

Unlock Her Legs Review Conclusions

Rob Judge and Bobby Rio have produced a fairly good information product that can be useful for guys who find it hard to get a girl.

The course provides many important techniques for attracting and seducing women. Success in attracting a girl will depend on many factors and nobody can make it happen for you. You will have to get confident and act.

Men who go through this course can expect to learn a few things that will make them confident and approach a woman without all the inhibitions.

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