Vert Shock Review – Adam Folker and Justin Darlington’s Program Assessed

vert shock quick start guidePlaying basketball, dunking and high jump are difficult sports and not everyone is able to perform well. These are sports that require good muscle power, agility or speed along with eye synchronization.

Both experienced players and those who are just starting out need to enhance their jumping skills in order to do well. And this is where the vert shock program by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington claims to teach you the perfect skills to jump as high as 20 inches in just a couple of weeks.

It seems other comparable programs teach you techniques that may take several months if not years to jump high enough.

It seems this program works well because the exercises in this program are scientifically proven to produce results and people are taught how to jump as high as 30 inches and more.

Adam Folker claims that the vert shock program works well for people of all age, for amateurs and for experienced professional jumpers also.

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What Exactly Is Vert Shock Program?

  • This is scientifically proven program comprising of information guides and videos that teach you how to utilize bodyweight and plyomeric exercises to train muscle fibers type II B to give top performance.
  • It seems it is possible to increase the height of your jump by training only 1 hour per day and four days a week.
  • This program has been designed by professional dunker Justin Darlington after he tried different methods and exercises for many years to get the perfect exercises for increasing the jump.
  • Through extensive research and analysis Justin found out that it is possible to improve vertical jump dramatically by stimulating the fast contracting fibers.
  • When the fast twitch type II B fibers are trained to contract at very high speed, the human body can be made to jump really high without putting in additional effort.
  • According to Adam Folker if you have tried a lot of other exercises without much success then you should use the exercises designed by Justin. It seems Vert Shock method is completely safe and you don’t have to worry about getting injured.
  • Adam further explains that the method given in this program involves less work because of the effectiveness of the exercises. It seems the explosive plyometric training gives a shock to the human nervous system so that you can jump much higher.
  • You will not be lifting weights or do any complex workouts to improve vertical jump. And the methods in this program work for people of all age, new comers and experienced dunkers.

This program consists of three phases.

  • Pre-shock – This is the initial phase of the program when you will start practicing the exercises. The duration of this phase is one week. During this period you can expect to improve your jump by 3 to 5 inches.
  • Shock Phase – The second phase lasts for 6 weeks and during this time the nervous system is given a shock so that you jump higher.
  • Post-shock – This is the final phase of the program that will last for a week. In this phase you would be recalling the learning’s of the previous 2 phases so that you are able to perfect all the skills.

What Is Included In The Vert Shock Package?

  • A quick start guide
  • Pre-Shock workout plan
  • Shock workout plan
  • Post-Shock workout plan
  • Detailed videos that demonstrate everything
  • Vert tracker program that you can use to track progress
  • Access to membership forum for getting support and to discuss / share stuff

Pros Of This Program

  • This is an easy to follow program where the videos provide you everything required for training. You will not need any other special equipment or training books. The language used in the videos is simple English without any technical jargon and therefore anyone can follow the instructions with ease.
  • People who are short of time can also take advantage of this program because you only need to train for one hour on 4 different days of the week. This is possible because explosive plyometric training helps in cutting down training time drastically.
  • When compared to some of the other programs this is an inexpensive program. There are no monthly membership fees involved.
  • Those who have used this program claim that not only did they improve vertical jump but also benefited in developing 4 different skills which are essential for playing basketball. These are dribbling, shooting, defense and mental toughness.
  • This program comes with money back guarantee for 60 days. Additionally there are 4 bonuses included in this program. The bonuses are – 4 vertical jump killers, 5 dirty secrets to jumping higher, weekly check-ins and jumper’s diet checklist.


  • Let’s be clear that any training program that involves workouts can lead to stress and injury if you overdo the workouts. Therefore it is best to follow the schedule given in the program and not try to speed up things.
  • Those who want to improve their jump instantly may not be able to do it with this program. You can only get results with this program by putting in all the required effort for the full 8 week duration of the training.

Vert Shock Review Conclusions

Adam Folker and Justin Darlington have managed to produce a scientifically proven advanced training course for enhancing vertical jump. This analysis is based on the testimonials and the detailed research we conducted.

However let’s recognize the fact that advanced training requires effort. The amount of effort and dedication will vary from one person to another and so will be the results also.

But those who follow this program and train by putting their heart and soul can expect to reap the benefits of this program.

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