What Men Secretly Want Review – Truth About James Bauer’s Program

what men secretly want pdfA lot of women find it difficult to understand men and connect with them at a deeper level. And this is something that may be essential for developing a strong relationship and get commitment from a man.

James Bauer, a psychology student and now an established relationship expert and coach has developed a program that is specifically tailored for women who want knowledge and information about men. This program is called ‘What Men Secretly Want‘.

According to James Bauer, once you understand the key techniques provided in What Men Secretly Want program and apply it in your relationship, you can easily gain unfair advantage over other women. You will be in a position to make yourself irresistible resulting in your man getting intensely attracted to you.

This program has attracted a lot of attention in the women’s dating advice forums and that’s why we decided to take a closer look at this program and present our review.

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What Is Unique About What Men Secretly Want Program?

The real core and unique aspect of this program is the respect principle. According to this principle, when a man has to choose between love and respect, most of the times a man would choose respect before love.

As per James Bauer, a woman who is able to show the feelings of admiration and respect for a man is the one who wins in the relationship game.

This program provides you a PDF guide that provides all the information. You will be able to download this guide online after you make the purchase.

The guide starts off by introducing you about the gap in communication that may exist between you and your lover or boyfriend. It seems it is very important to bridge this gap and overcome it in order to establish a relationship based on trust, love and respect.

The program mentions the importance of understanding a man at a deep emotional level. It seems this is important because even your small utterances can make a difference to his thought and actions.

What Men Secretly Want guide provides you the real secrets for connecting with a man the deep emotional level.

This guide even provides you the correct techniques to use with your man in case he becomes quiet, cold and starts to pull away from you.

You will even get some good tips that will help you to prevent ending up in the friend zone with a man you like.

It seems there are certain words and phrases that can cause easy damage to your relationship and therefore should never be used. You will come to know of these words and phrases.

The guide provides numerous real world experiences and situations of couples to explain many of the concepts. The guide even provides you some unconventional methods along with the rationale so that you can use the methods to get the dream man of your life.

When you purchase this product, along with the main PDF guide you will also get the audio version of this program.

In order to clarify some key points and to answer some of the frequently asked questions, James Bauer is providing a special video also.

Pros of this program

  • This is a program developed specifically for women who struggle to get commitment from a man and also for those women who want to keep their man happy and interested in a relationship.
  • Program explains the male psyche in detail so that women can connect with men at a deep emotional level and understand them much better for developing and maintaining a lasting relationship.
  • The What Men Secretly Want program provides good techniques to have effective communication with men. Women can also use some of the powerful techniques to rekindle romance in a relationship where a man has become cold and unresponsive.
  • Women who are having relationship conflict can also benefit from this guide by utilizing the techniques that help in mending broken relationships.
  • Women who don’t like to read PDF documents can utilize the audio version and listen to the program leisurely.


  • Some of the concepts in the program make use of emotional and psychological factors to influence men. Some women may not like to use manipulative techniques.
  • This is a relationship product from a man and is meant for women. Some women may prefer getting such advice from other experienced women rather than a man.

What Men Secretly Want Review Conclusions

James Bauer has developed a decent product that explains the male psychology and what women need to do in order to impress a man and win him over.

Because of many complexities involved in relationship matters, nothing can be guaranteed in terms of committed relationship with a man.

However, women who follow this program and apply the techniques do have a chance of winning over their dream man.

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